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Peer Persistence = Peace of Mind



Learn how HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage and Peer Persistence software allows you to confidently replicate your data to a third site where it will remain available in case of disaster, bringing true peace of mind to your business.Peer Persistence peace of mind_blog.jpg

Minimizing and managing risk is vital in our world today. Whether it’s purchasing insurance for your home or saving money for the future, everyone must have a proper plan in case the unexpected happens. This principle expands to IT teams who are worried about protecting their priceless data in their data centers.

The University of Auckland shares its data center storage story

The University of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest university, began to face major issues in their data centers, including several network outages. This is especially problematic because over 40,000 of its faculty, students and staff rely on the network to teach, learn and research.

After discussing their options, the IT team decided to implement HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage and capitalized on the Peer Persistence software feature. Peer Persistence enables 3PAR systems (located in different data centers in metropolitan distances) to act as peers to each other, presenting a nearly continuous storage system to hosts and servers connected to them. 

Unlike traditional failover models, Peer Persistence software utilizes automatic transparent failovers which allows hosts to remain online serving their business applications even when they switch from their original site to the disaster recovery site, resulting in a much improved recovery time. Your data center, much like the University of Auckland’s, can achieve high availability in their multisite federated environment with Peer Persistence.

“The most valuable features to [the University of Auckland] are the automatic failover, Peer Persistence, and the ability to be confident that if we have a data center outage, our business will keep running. Those were the features from a business perspective that were most important to me,” said Liz Coulter, the director of IT storage at the University of Auckland.

Since deploying 3PAR StoreServ with Peer Persistence, the university has migrated 650ms without any outages and most importantly, significantly reduced stressed from the IT team. 

Now imagine if the university had the ability to set up a third data center site hundreds of miles away. Imagine the peace of mind the IT team, teachers, researchers and even students can have knowing that their research, financials, student grades and test scores will always be available.

More from Peer Persistence for the all-flash data center

HPE recently enhanced our Peer Persistence software to mitigate risk even further – an important requirement for all-flash data center. With new Peer Persistence support for a third data center across geographical distances, you won’t have to worry about losing important data. Peer Persistence now offers extreme data protection for a complete disaster recovery plan.

For example, up till now you’ve been able to configure Peer Persistence in two data centers located blocks away from each other in New York City. With this recent enhancement, your data can now be replicated to a third datacenter in Chicago. Think of this as the backup plan for the backup plan.

The Peer Persistence support for a third data center utilizes a stretched cluster to both the active primary and secondary sites while the third site is connected to a separate fabric. The same data from the primary and secondary site is replicated to the third site which extends high availability. This is ideal when you require a plan to avoid a disaster in your primary (or secondary) data center. Your data will be safe in the third data center site, which is located a geographical distance away.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Peer Persistence.jpg

With the 3PAR Operating System 3.3.1, you have the peace of mind that comes with the newly enhanced Peer Persistence software. Peer Persistence is licensed with the 3PAR all-inclusive multi-system license that also includes Peer Motion, Remote Copy, and CLX and is purchased for both the source and target arrays.

With all of the uncertainty in the world today, Peer Persistence allows you to confidently replicate your data to a third site where it will remain available in case of a metropolitan-based disaster. Truly peace of mind for your business.

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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Salil Gokhale, Product Manager, HPE Storage.



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