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Podcast: Diving in to HPE Cloud Volumes


Today I have a podcast diving into the details of HPE Cloud Volumes. HPE Cloud Volumes is an enterprise-grade public cloud block storage solution. In the podcast we talk about why, how and when to use HPE Cloud Volumes.  

ATSB Podcast #242: What is HPE Cloud VolumesATSB Podcast #242: What is HPE Cloud VolumesI've been doing a series of podcasts focusing on the pillars of our point of view. I had done a ChalkTalk and blog post back in January giving an overview of that POV.  Since then I've done a number of podcasts:

  1. Focusing on Predictive: HPE InfoSight podcast.
  2. What you need to know about Cloud Ready
  3. Podcast: What is Cloud Ready Data Protection.

One of the missing pieces missing to help complete this Cloud Ready story was diving into HPE Cloud Volumes. And that is what I have in today's podcast.  

Doug Ko.pngMy guest is Doug Ko. Doug is responsible for cloud strategy and go-to-market. His expertise is in data storage and cloud computing and he is interested in the role of cloud in enabling digital transformation in enterprises and service providers. He had a recent post on ATSB talking about using InfoSight to predict the cost of cloud storage.

I think this podcast is a great job laying it out for you to understand it.  I'm not going to give you a minute by minute guide to this one - it follows what you'd expect in something like this: challenges it solves, what it is, the benefits, and customer use cases. 

To listen to the podcast now, click on this link and it will open in a new window on Click here to download the MP3 file

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You can learn more about HPE Cloud Volumes at You can see all the related HPE Cloud Volumes ATSB posts by clicking on the link. 

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I'm Calvin Zito and 2018 marks 35 years with HP/HPE. I've worked in HPE Storage since 1990. I am an eight-time VMware vExpert. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, I've blogged for 9 years. You can find me on Twitter as @CalvinZito. If you don't follow me on Twitter, do it now! You can also contact me via email

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