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Protect Your Data Wherever It Resides



Let’s agree: Hybrid Cloud is the new normal. But how do you ensure end-to-end protection and rapid recovery of your data—from the data center to the private and public cloud?

Data Protection_Hybrid IT_blog.jpgHybrid Cloud helps businesses increase agility and capitalize on digital transformation opportunities. Ensuring protection for your mix of hybrid infrastructure—from traditional and virtualized to private and public cloud—is critical to powering your new and legacy applications and workloads.   

The threat and risk of data loss is growing

The threat landscape is changing in both variety and volume. Network or power outages, component failure, human error, human malevolence, data corruption, software bugs, site failures or natural disasters are just a few of the sources of application downtime and data loss. One of the most feared and fastest growing threats for today’s IT environments is from ransomware.  Victims across the globe paid over a billion dollars to ransomware criminals in 2016.1

The need to protect data against an evolving threat landscape is made even more challenging by exponential data growth of 50% per year2, not to mention the demands of customers for 24x7x365 data availability and transforming recovery SLA requirements (from days/hours to minutes.)

Additional risk comes from costly, inflexible legacy infrastructure with inadequate data protection and disaster recovery models.

The cost and risk of data loss can be catastrophic

In an age where winners and losers are defined by always-on availability, downtime for complex, interconnected, customer-facing workloads can cause irreparable and sometimes catastrophic harm from a financial and business perspective.  Along with lost revenue, the real cost of downtime can include damaged reputation, lost customer confidence and loyalty, weakened competitive position, and even regulatory compliance exposure.Protect Data1.jpg

The Veeam® Global Availability Report, gathering insight from more than 1,000 global IT decision makers, reveals that 75% of enterprises organizations surveyed recognize they have a Protection Gap. (The Protection Gap refers to an organization’s tolerance for lost data being exceeded by IT’s inability to protect that data frequently enough.). This Protection Gap costs businesses an average of $21.8 million annually, often with irreparable damage to brand reputation and customer confidence. On top of that, this Availability Gap also stifles innovation, as 66% of enterprises admit that digital transformation initiatives are being held back by unplanned downtime. 

Optimizing data protection for a Hybrid Cloud world

The shift to Hybrid Cloud delivery models doesn’t eliminate core requirements around resiliency and risk. However, it does drive the need to rethink how you support a mix of traditional, private, and public cloud services while delivering all the protection you need—wherever you need it.

In a Hybrid Cloud world, you need an end-to-end solution that protects data across all consumption models and which delivers zero-impact, flash-speed protection while efficiently utilizing low-cost cloud storage for long-term retention and disaster recovery.

The HPE optimized data protection for Hybrid Cloud solution delivers end-to-end protection and rapid recovery of your data—from the data center to the cloud.

The solution brings together industry-leading storage and data protection software coupled with services expertise to provide integrated end-to end-resilience and risk reduction from the data center to the cloud.   Optimized Data Protection Hybrid IT2.jpgThis comprehensive solution covers the complete continuum of data protection with high availability, replication, snapshots backup, disaster recovery and archive. 

As a result, you can reduce the risk of data loss and meet your recovery service-level agreements (SLAs)—preventing the financial or reputational costs that can be crippling to your business.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the key components of the solution.

Accelerate performance with flash-speed protection for Hybrid Cloud

Flash changes the game for Hybrid Cloud storage. But how can you ensure that data protection doesn’t become a costly bottleneck for your flash workloads?

Get the most from your migration to flash by making data protection an application-integrated and cloud-ready function of flash storage.RMC3.jpg

HPE 3PAR Flash-Integrated Data Protection with HPE Recovery Manager Central and HPE StoreOnce provides application owners with flash speed protection while reducing cost and complexity.

Lower costs with cloud-ready long term data retention and disaster recovery for Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Bank Storage for StoreOnce lets you leverage the economics, agility, and flexibility of the cloud for modernized data protection.

You can natively, securely, and cost-effectively move backup data to the public, private, or hybrid cloud—enabling long-term retention and reliable disaster recovery that is simple and efficient.Cloud Bank4.jpg

The solution sends, stores and retrieves only unique data for lower TCO and is highly scalable—enabling the protection and retention of more than 100 PB3 of backup data starting at one-tenth-of-a-cent per month.4

HPE and Veeam—comprehensive data protection for Hybrid Cloud

Industry-leading Veeam software integration with HPE storage solutions lets you create application-consistent backups from HPE storage snapshots for fast and efficient data protection.

For long-term external storage, HPE StoreOnce provides deduplication for efficient storage utilization and fault isolation for data. HPE and Veeam Data Protection5.jpg

Veeam can send backups to HPE StoreEver tape storage or to the cloud for long-term offsite data archival. And Veeam delivers everything you need to reliably protect your virtualized environments with high-speed and verified recovery, complete visibility, data loss avoidance and leveraged data. 

Veeam software products are available from Hewlett Packard Enterprise via the HPE Complete program enabling you to source all components of the 3-2-1 best practice data protection ecosystem5 from a single vendor.  

Why HPE for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection?

HPE offers a broad portfolio of data protection solutions and partnerships that deliver federated, integrated and cloud ready data protection for Hybrid IT

  • Federated—In addition to the previously discussed RMC, Veeam and StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage solution, the Nimble Secondary Flash Array represents a new type of secondary data storage optimized for both capacity and performance. It adds high-performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized architecture for a unique backup and disaster recovery platform that lets you put your backup data to work. 
  • Integrated and cloud-ready—Along with our flash-integrated and cloud-ready RMC solution, our StoreOnce Catalyst Software integrations accelerate performance and deduplication efficiency and enables native cloud tiering for applications like SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL and leading backup ISVs like Data Protector, Veritas and Veeam.

The bottom line

The HPE Optimized Data Protection for Hybrid Cloud Solution goes beyond array-based availability with end-to-end protection and rapid recovery of your data—from edge to core to the cloud. It enables you to:

  • Reduce risk by protecting data reliably no matter where it resides: on-premises, off-premises or in the cloud
  • Ensure resilience with a one stop shop that covers the complete continuum of data protection
  • Accelerate performance and reduce cost and complexity with flash-integrated and cloud-ready data protection

Find out more

There’s more to this solution than impressive capabilities and statistics. There are real-world customers that have realized valuable benefits first-hand. Take a look.

1 Federal Bureau of Investigation data, cited by CNN Money, 2016

2 IDC – 2016 Data Center Survey

3 Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and the maximum logical capacity of HPE StoreOnce 6600 of 34 PB

4 Assuming dedupe ratio of 20:1 and AWS (S3) standard object storage pricing of $0.02 per GB/Month

5 The 3-2-1 rule of best practice data protection prescribes that you should have three copies of your data, on two different media types, with one copy kept off-site.

 Simon Watkins HPE Storage.jpegMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection, HPE Storage.




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