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Protect Your Oracle Database Backup with HPE StoreOnce and StoreOnce Catalyst


Good news for DBAs: Count the benefits that come with integrating your Oracle database protection with HPE StoreOnce and StoreOnce Catalyst. (Start with free-of-charge Oracle RMAN plug-in.)

If you run business-critical applications on Oracle database products, ensuring that data is protected and available is more than likely a number-one priority for your IT department. 

Storage_data protection_Oracle_blog.jpgAs an Oracle database administrator, if I ask you what you really want for database backup and recovery I bet you will reply something like this: I want do a daily full backup with total visibility into the control of the backup and recovery process – without any intervention from the backup administrator.

Because full backups can take a long time – especially with large databases, meeting the available backup windows is crucial. That’s why you would like to know the details of both the onsite and offsite backups. You also want to retain multiple backups over a defined period so that you can go back to them if needed. In short, you require a data protection solution that offers efficiency, reliability and high performance – while keeping the overall costs under control.

In a previous blog post, I covered the StoreOnce Catalyst application plug-in in general. This week, I’m extending this conversation to give a high-level overview on why HPE StoreOnce systems can give you – an Oracle DBAs – exactly what you need for database backups.

What is Oracle RMAN?

To start at the beginning with a basic definition: Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a native utility from Oracle that is designed for backup and recovery of Oracle database files. RMAN is built into Oracle and doesn’t need a separate license or installation. Oracle DBAs routinely use Oracle RMAN for protection of Oracle databases.

And now: HPE StoreOnce plug-in for Oracle RMAN

HPE StoreOnce is integrated with Oracle RMAN through a StoreOnce Catalyst plug-in, enabling backup management and direct backup and restore of Oracle databases to Catalyst stores on StoreOnce Systems without the need for a backup application. This includes incremental and multi-channel backup. The StoreOnce Catalyst plug-in for RMAN is installed directly on your Oracle database servers giving flexibility to the DBA to run backups and recoveries according to specific needs without impacting organization wide backup and recovery policies

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst plug-in for Oracle RMAN integrates with RMAN Media Management Layer (MML) APIs for DBA controlled backup and recovery operations. This enables DBAs to use native tools to backup application data to StoreOnce in the environment you are used to. The DBA controls the backups and stores them on a StoreOnce System managed by the backup administrator but enabled for use by the DBA. This allows you to design you own Oracle-specific data protection strategies to suit your requirements, using the familiar and trusted Oracle RMAN interface and utilities. This helps to improve your productivity. Here’s how to get this plug-in for Oracle RMAN is available to download free of charge.

Count the benefits that come with integrating your Oracle database protection with StoreOnce

  1. Significant cost savings: The StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for Oracle RMAN optimizes backup data streams for application aware deduplication resulting in smaller backup footprints when compared to traditional deduplication techniques. This translates to superior storage utilization, more recovery points for faster recovery and tremendous cost savings.
  2. Accelerated backups: Ensuring full backups within the available backup window can always be a challenge. The StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for Oracle RMAN with distributed deduplication significantly improves the backup efficiency and performance by transferring only the changed Oracle data blocks. Source side deduplication, where duplicate blocks are identified via the plug-in on the oracle server, optimizes network utilization by allowing you to perform low bandwidth backups over a LAN to a local StoreOnce System or replicate over a WAN to a remote StoreOnce System. These operations are controlled from the RMAN interface providing DBAs greater control over backup, replication and recovery. For disaster recovery, you can replicate backup data to multiple StoreOnce systems in parallel or serial non-disruptively without compromising on performance or availability of your Oracle application.
  3. Faster restores: While data backup is important, recovery is a critical component of your data protection strategy to reduce outages and minimize unplanned business downtime. The largest StoreOnce System allows data restore speeds of up to 128 TB/hr., enabling restoration of data faster than other competing data protection solutions. Oracle DBAs can recover databases from any backup copies stored on StoreOnce Systems without any intervention from backup administrators, improving application availability and reducing application downtime, which in turn allows you to meet your RTOs and RPOs.
  4. Data integrity and security: HPE StoreOnce has a set of features to ensure that data can be written and restored back without corruption. To achieve this, HPE StoreOnce Systems have a complete end-to-end verification process, which is necessary for storage devices designed for data protection. What’s more, to meet mandatory government legislations concerning data security, StoreOnce provides encryption capabilities as well as secure erase so that you know your data is secure at all times.

The reliable data protection storage you need

As an Oracle administrator, you demand an efficient, reliable data growth management backup system environment – all while keeping costs under control. What’s more, some Oracle DBAs need full control of database backup and recovery. HPE StoreOnce with StoreOnce Catalyst address these requirements.

HPE StoreOnce systems offer high performance and reliability while addressing data growth. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst gives DBAs full control of database backup and recovery. Combining Oracle RMAN and HPE StoreOnce with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst provides a comprehensive data protection solution for Oracle application data.  

Once again, don’t miss this good news: How to get your Oracle RMAN plug-in free of charge.


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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HPE Storage. @ashwinkshetty





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Excited to say, no more changing tapes for back-ups. Coupling these two elimates this tedious task and missing backups, which is great. It shouldn't be too much longer until more products start adopting StoreOnce Catalyst. The technical support at HP StoreOnce, is second-to-none.

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