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Protect Your Oracle Environment with 3PAR Flash-Integrated Availability and Protection


All-flash speed is here: HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 3.0 software is now on worldwide general availability, enabling 3PAR flash-integrated availability and protection for Oracle databases.  Let’s explore how RMC can deliver 21x faster, more efficient backup for your 3PAR Oracle environment without compromising database performance.

TS_Racecar_400x267.jpgAsk any Oracle DBA or storage admin what their top requirements are for their Oracle environments and I’m willing to bet that job number one would be delivering high throughput and low latencies across multiple workloads. A close second would be providing mission-critical availability and backup for their multiple business-critical Oracle databases. HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash arrays address both of these requirements perfectly, but it’s the need to keep Oracle databases available and recoverable that I’d like to focus on today, with a particular emphasis on how RMC 3.0 enables 3PAR flash-integrated data availability and protection for Oracle environments1.

The importance of protecting Oracle databases

Oracle databases support millions of mission-critical applications worldwide, including e-commerce, ERP, inventory, finance, supply chain, HR and CRM, to name but a few. Applications that run on Oracle are often critical to ongoing business operations and can provide a platform for enterprise Big Data and Internet of Things data that offers both competitive advantage and risk mitigation. That's why Oracle databases typically need to deliver the highest levels of performance, availability and data protection – and all at increasing scale.

The cause and effect of Oracle database downtime and data loss

The many causes of unplanned downtime and data loss can prevent Oracle DBAs from meeting their objectives for availability and data protection. Network or power outages, component failure, human error, human malevolence, data corruption, software bugs, site failures or natural disasters are just a few examples.

Oracle database downtime and data loss can and does have a severe impact. Recent studies show that on average a business forfeits one day a year to accumulated unplanned Oracle downtime. This directly equates to lost employee productivity, lost customer/partner confidence and loyalty, lost revenue, lost business opportunities and increased risk exposure.

Maximizing Oracle database storage performance without compromising availability while maintaining key RPO and RTO levels is therefore a fundamental business and IT mandate.

The challenges of protecting Oracle databases

Oracle databases running mission-critical applications need to be available and accessible 24x7x365 in today’s fast-paced, mobile-driven digital economy. As a result, businesses are demanding ever more aggressive availability, RPO and RTO SLAs from Oracle DBAs.

Unrelenting database growth adds to the complexity. More and more mission-critical live production data needs to be protected. As the backup dataset gets bigger, the backup window at best stays static, or at worst gets smaller as an increasing number of people and applications use the database.

Of course, keeping mission-critical applications available close to 100% of the time can be expensive. Most organizations simply do not have the budgets or people resources required to enable this.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that most Oracle DBAs still view data availability and protection as a complex task. The good news is that HPE 3PAR flash-integrated data availability and protection delivers an affordable, efficient and non-disruptive solution to this problem, ensuring reliable access to your Oracle database data whenever and wherever you need it.

HPE 3PAR availability, disaster recovery and backup for Oracle

HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage is designed to help minimize operational impact by delivering planned resilience. Full hardware redundancy is built into the system, mitigating all single points of failure. When appropriately configured, 3PAR StoreServ is capable of greater than “six nines” or 99.9999% availability from a hardware perspective. That equates to 32 seconds downtime per year. This is reinforced by autonomic and proactive error checking, plus software features that deliver seamless failover/failback to help ensure complete system resilience, even when the unexpected happens.

In high-availability Oracle environments, snapshots are typically the first line of defense against data loss. 3PAR provides local and remote array-based snapshots and replication which provide fast, non-disruptive point-in-time copies of data, enabling you to meet tight recovery point objectives and minimal recovery time objectives.

Oracle protection Slide 1.jpg

But snapshots alone cannot deliver comprehensive backup as they have limited retention times, corruption vulnerabilities and a dependence on the underlying storage system. Snapshots reside on the same storage system as your data. Simply put, your snapshots are at risk if the storage system fails.

To deliver the comprehensive data protection that business-critical Oracle databases require, 3PAR systems leverage HPE StoreOnce and/or HPE StoreEver tape storage as a second line of defense. StoreOnce and StoreEver protect Oracle databases running on 3PAR against file loss or application corruption beyond the oldest snapshot. StoreOnce and StoreEver also protect applications against storage platform outage.

Evolving data protection architectures for Oracle environments

Server-centric backup processes can impact application performance with data typically flowing through the application and backup server. Backup server infrastructures introduce escalating cost and complexity with the need to disruptively acquire and manage additional servers, software licenses, and networking equipment as application data grows.

An alternative approach is to combine the near instant, non-intrusive availability of local and remote snapshots with the reliable recovery and cost-effective retention of backups. This innovative modernized architecture is delivered with application-aware, storage-integrated data protection.

3PAR Flash Integrated Data Protection for Oracle database environments is here!

HPE RMC 3.0 software is now on worldwide general availability. RMC 3.0 expands the RMC application ecosystem to include Oracle RHEL or OEL environments.

Protecting Oracle workloads at the speed of flash

RMC integrates HPE 3PAR StoreServ all-flash arrays with HPE StoreOnce Backup protection to provide a converged availability and backup service optimised for flash environments. It augments traditional backup approaches, combining the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups. As a result, RMC delivers 21x faster backup with minimal impact on the database server and lowers cost and complexity by eliminating the need for a backup application.

Oracle protection Slide 2.jpg

Get the details

For further details on how RMC 3.0 provides a fundamentally different approach for DBAs tasked with protecting Oracle databases, watch this video and check out the following resources.

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Download the RMC 3.0 software

Looking for the right solution when considering data protection for your all-flash storage?
Check out the Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage

1 Oracle RHEL or OEL environments



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