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Protect Your SAP HANA Database with HPE StoreOnce



Learn how HPE data protection solutions for SAP HANA simply and efficiently deliver end-to-end availability and business continuity. And get the details on getting the StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins for free!

Data Protection_StoreOnce_SAP HANA_blog.jpgWhen we talk to application owners, we are told repeatedly that protecting their business-critical applications is a top priority. The best-configured, highly tuned application is of no use if it is not available.

Oracle, SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL Server administrators tell us they want backups that cause minimum disruption to operations while being available for reliable restore if needed. Many times what is wanted is the ease of a full back up every day—and the capability to keep weeks or months of backups to enable restore from multiple points in time as needed. Ideally without the need to rely on a storage or backup administrator.

Here, I’ll focus on how HPE data protection solutions enable simple, affordable end-to-end protection for SAP HANA. Protecting and recovering any database environment is proving ever more challenging in the face of large and increasing data volumes, rising business demands, cost efficiency, and sustainable growth. SAP HANA is no exception. Organizations deploying large-scale SAP HANA environments struggle with protecting the rapidly growing and changing mission-critical data.

Recognize these pain points?

Some of the pain points in protecting SAP HANA database include:

  • Backing up large HANA databases with minimum complexity and within a short span of time
  • Keeping data protection costs under control
  • Maintaining a reasonably low recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for an application in case of a disaster

The SAP HANA computing platform combines the database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in a single in-memory platform. This makes business analytics more powerful as the data is preloaded in memory and can be processed in parallel.

Traditional approaches to SAP HANA backup and recovery involves heavy reliance on scripts and slow backup and recovery performance. Third-party backup and recovery software supported with SAP HANA Backint interface have shortfalls such as the need for a dedicated backup media server and complex backup scheduling.

A more effective approach is to combine the benefits of backups and snapshots in an application-managed, storage-integrated data protection solution.

HPE offers both online backup and storage snapshot-based backup solutions for SAP HANA. A storage snapshot-based backup solution is always complemented by a third-party Backint-integrated online backup for an enterprise-level data protection solution.

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for SAP HANA

The HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for SAP HANA is compatible with SAP HANA Backint interface and provides DBAs with a fast and efficient backup and recovery of SAP HANA databases. Installed directly on your database servers, the plug-in integrates with SAP HANA Studio to initiate backup and restore operations. The plug-in also provides the option to deduplicate the SAP HANA database backup on the SAP HANA nodes reducing backup data flow through the network. Another option is to deduplicate on the target HPE StoreOnce appliance, reducing the deduplication load on the SAP HANA application servers. Benefits include:

  • Efficient resource consumption—Optimal network bandwidth and efficient backup processing time using source-side deduplication enable sending only the unique data to HPE StoreOnce, thereby optimizing network utilization and significantly reducing bandwidth requirements.
  • Reduced backup footprint—By improving the deduplication ratio, backups can be stored longer with reduced storage capacity compared to file backup implementations
  • Increased cost savings—By enabling direct backups to HPE StoreOnce, no third-party data protection software is required. The HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for SAP HANA controls the backup via Backint to make a direct copy of the log backup savepoints to HPE StoreOnce, without the need to pass through a backup media server.
  • Control and simplicity—HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for SAP HANA is installed directly onto the SAP HANA nodes with only a few clicks. The SAP HANA DBAs can backup, restore, and delete their database backups from SAP HANA Studio directly. Backup is completely under the control of the application admin.

Yes, it’s true that StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins are free!

  • Once you have purchased a Catalyst license for your HPE StoreOnce systems, these plug-ins are delivered as an extension to the StoreOnce systems.
  • They are available for download (unlike similar plug-ins from other backup appliance vendors) and at zero cost.
  • Any technical support for these plug-ins is delivered under the support entitlement of the StoreOnce Catalyst license

The plug-in and user documentation is downloaded from HPE Software Depot. An HPE Passport account is needed. If you do not have one, it takes two minutes to set up and there's zero cost. Find the plug-in here:  SAP HANA.

The plug-in is installed on the same host as the database. Make sure the correct operating system version is downloaded. The installer will enable configuration of backup and backup copy destinations.

Once the plug-in is installed, backups and restores can be executed by the DBA autonomously to the StoreOnce appliance.HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for SAP HANA.jpg

Flash-integrated data protection with HPE RMC

As mission-critical workloads migrate to flash, risk mitigation is critical. HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) integrates HPE 3PAR StoreServ all-flash arrays with HPE StoreOnce systems to provide a converged availability and backup service optimized for flash environments. It augments traditional backup approaches, combining the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups.

RMC 4.0 extends application support to SAP HANA and allows you to protect SAP HANA databases (which use 3PAR as the underlying storage) using application-consistent array-based snapshots and fast, Express Protect backups to StoreOnce – all through the familiar RMC GUI as the management interface. With RMC for SAP HANA, you benefit from a fast, simple, affordable alternative to traditional methods of protecting SAP HANA databases.

With HPE StoreOnce RMC for SAP HANA, database administrators can create, schedule, and manage SAP HANA-consistent snapshots of the data area on an HPE 3PAR array. Additionally, the RMC Express Protect feature enables automatic backup of SAP HANA data area from HPE 3PAR to StoreOnce, independent of backup server software. The backups are self-contained volumes that can be restored back to the original or different HPE 3PAR StoreServ array in the event of a disaster.

Flash-optimized data protection for SAP HANA.jpg

Benefits include: 

  • Fast backup and recovery—Unlike traditional backup approaches, when a multi-terabyte SAP HANA database crashes, HPE RMC backup and recovery speed for data volumes is much more efficient due to using multiple block-based streams. You can then quickly restore your data volumes and deliver on your aggressive RTO SLAs. Since only changed data blocks are sent to HPE StoreOnce, your database backup is faster and more efficient. SAP HANA log volumes, however, cannot be protected with HPE RMC because snapshots cannot be taken from them.
  • Reduced cost and complexity—Data protection with HPE RMC is much simpler with direct backup from HPE 3PAR snapshots to HPE StoreOnce. Since the stored backups on HPE StoreOnce are deduplicated, backup storage costs are contained and in fact, you can economically store data on HPE StoreOnce for extended periods.
  • Lower risk during unplanned downtime—With frequent recovery points, you can commit to tight RPO SLAs. If there is a failed hardware or a data center outage, the SAP HANA backups on HPE StoreOnce can be restored to the original or a different HPE 3PAR. As an added benefit, backups can also be copied to and recovered from one HPE StoreOnce to another in case of disasters.
  • Application-managed data protection—SAP HANA DBAs can monitor and manage snapshots, backup, and recovery directly and seamlessly from within RMC GUI.

To sum up, HPE data protection solutions for SAP HANA simply and efficiently deliver the end-to-end availability and business continuity that your SAP HANA environment demands.

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