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Protect Your SQL Database Backup: Rely on HPE StoreOnce with StoreOnce Catalyst



Application managed protection: HPE StoreOnce Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server provides direct backup to a StoreOnce Catalyst store—with no backup/recovery software required.

HPE StoreOnce Plug-in_SQL_blog.jpgDatabase backups provide special challenges. Ask any database administrators (DBAs)—and and they’ll likely tell you they want to perform full backups daily (and sometimes even more than one full backup every day).

But what do you do when a full database backup takes over 12 hours to complete and the database keeps growing?

Take, for example, Microsoft SQL DBAs who rely on efficient, high-performing and reliable backup systems to protect data while keeping costs under control. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst can help. StoreOnce Catalyst extends the data protection capabilities of HPE StoreOnce appliances in Microsoft SQL Server environments.

The starting point is an infrastructure built with robust computing components, such as HPE ProLiant Servers and resilient storage such as HPE 3PAR StoreServ. This, combined with a data protection scheme based on snapshots and backups, provides protection against infrequent-but-high impact disasters as well as more common occurrences such as erroneous deletion of data, software errors, malicious activities, data corruption and failed updates.

Some organizations implement a centralized data protection process. In these cases, a backup software product such as Data Protector with its online agent for SQL Server is an excellent fit. If your organization requires or allows DBAs to manage the SQL Server backup and recovery, the StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server becomes a logical choice. Some organizations may deploy both.HPE StoreOnce Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server.jpg
StoreOnce Catalyst integration

The StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in provides high-speed backup and huge space savings on backup data storage. Catalyst is an HPE developed protocol, optimized for backup and restore operations. The Catalyst Server is integrated into the StoreOnce System and the Catalyst Client is built into the plug-in. Once installed, the plug-in connects the database server to a Catalyst backup target on a StoreOnce appliance and allows backups to;

  • Run faster with optimized backup data processing
  • Consume less network bandwidth due to deduplication of backup data at the source
  • Use less space to store as backups are deduplicated and compressed before being written to disk

Just what SQL DBAs like to hear!

HPE StoreOnce Systems deliver industry-leading backup and restore performance while protecting SQL database backup data. An important part of SQL DBAs task is to maintain a consistent set of backup data. Data Protector, provides the data protection for multiple, heterogeneous servers and operating systems. These backup data sets can be consolidated on to a single HPE StoreOnce System.

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst provides application centric data protection for Microsoft SQL databases giving the SQL DBA the ability to perform backups and restores from the SQL Management Studio GUI or CLI to the StoreOnce System without the need for an external backup application. This gives SQL DBAs visibility and control of database backups in addition to the performance, reliability and bandwidth optimization benefits of HPE StoreOnce Catalyst. Backups with StoreOnce Catalyst can be performed over Ethernet or Fibre Channel with support for full backups, incremental backups, and point in time restores. Data Restores can be performed from a local StoreOnce System or a replicated StoreOnce System.

Disaster recovery with HPE StoreOnce

Most enterprise customers are likely to invest in an offsite disaster recovery (DR) facility. In addition, many companies are protecting SQL database applications in remote offices where untrained IT staff are expected to manage a daily backup process (generally involving the changing of physical tapes, which is a process prone to human error). HPE StoreOnce allows local backup to be replicated between sites in a reliable, deduplication-optimized and automated manner using the object copy functionality of HPE Data Protector. This provides flexibility in data recovery in these ways:

  1. SQL databases can be recovered from the remote site StoreOnce System to the original SQL Server.
  2. In event of a total disaster of the SQL database at the source site, the backup data from the StoreOnce appliance at the remote site can be restored over the WAN to the SQL server site for complete SQL database recovery.
  3. SQL databases can be recovered from the DR site StoreOnce System to a DR site redundant SQL Server. The DR site redundant SQL Server is a secondary SQL Server specifically used for DR purposes in case of local site primary SQL Server failure.

Data Protector utilizes object copy functionality which enables DBAs to copy from one StoreOnce System to a remote StoreOnce System without having to rehydrate the data. During the object copy session, data will be replicated directly from one backup device to another, without passing through media agent clients. For example, when backing up SQL databases to a StoreOnce System, DBAs can use the object copy option to copy the data from the primary StoreOnce to a remote StoreOnce.

Flash-integrated data protection for your SQL database with RMC

HPE RMC for SQL allows Microsoft SQL DBAs to create, schedule and manage SQL-application consistent snapshots on a 3PAR array. The RMC for SQL Express Protect feature enables backup of SQL snapshot data from HPE 3PAR to StoreOnce, independent of backup server software. This provides simple, rapid and affordable recovery of SQL mission-critical databases as well as highly granular and flexible Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives.

Combining the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups, RMC enables fast, efficient, reliable and simple protection for your business-critical applications.

The reliable data protection storage you need

As a SQL customer, you demand an efficient and reliable backup system that can keep up with the growth of your environment while keeping costs under control. What’s more, some SQL DBAs need full control of database backup and recovery. HPE StoreOnce with StoreOnce Catalyst address these requirements. 

HPE StoreOnce Systems offer high performance and reliability while addressing data growth through federated deduplication technology. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst also gives DBAs full control of database backup and recovery. HPE StoreOnce appliances integrate easily with SQL to protect important mission-critical databases. Combining SQL and HPE StoreOnce appliances with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst provides a comprehensive data protection solution for SQL application data.

Where can you get the HP StoreOnce SQL Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server?

The Catalyst Plug-in and user documentation is downloaded from the HPE Software Depot. A HPE Passport account is needed. If you do not have one, it takes two minutes to register for one and there is zero cost—same as for the Catalyst Plug-in. Find the plug-ins here:  Microsoft SQL Server.

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HPE Storage. @ashwinkshetty





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