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Protect your most valuable currency. Data protection with HPE and Veeam

As many as 50% of organizations are not ready to withstand a ransomware attack. With the right foundation and the right data protection solution, you can defend your business against cyberthreats and ensure data is always available and accessible.

data-security_ransomware-protection_HPE-and-Veeam_blog.pngIn the digital age, data is your most valuable currency. Obviously your data needs to be available and secure wherever and whenever you need it, and I’m certain your organization is already taking measures to ensure its protection: backing up data to secondary targets, or using primary storage to replicate VMs and other data from one site to another.

In today’s threat landscape you need to do more.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Hackers attack every 39 seconds (an average of 2,244 times a day!), and no business or industry is immune. Small to medium businesses, large global enterprises, retail businesses, schools, hospitals, even governments are being targeted every day. The most recent major incident in the United States was the ransomware attack on the systems of Colonial Pipeline that led the company to shut down their pipeline from Texas to New Jersey, impacting fuel supply in the country.

As many as 50% of organizations don’t believe they are ready to withstand an attack, and the potential impact to business can be devastating. Cybercriminals lock users out of their own systems, demanding exorbitant payment in bitcoins or gift cards. According to one source, ransom demands in the millions of dollars are not uncommon (Beazley Group, 2020). What’s worse, there is no guarantee your organization will regain access to data if you do pay the ransom.

You can take action today, not only to defend your business against these malicious attacks, but also to ensure that your data is always available and accessible. Given the right data protection solution, you can reduce the risk of data loss, meet your recovery SLAs, and prevent the financial or reputational costs that can be crippling to your business.

Integrated solutions provide simple, resilient data protection

The modern datacenter comprises many components, leading to significant complexity. To ensure application availability, you need to build in availability technologies, including data protection strategies, as you build out your infrastructure. And, you need the right foundation – one that provides reliable, high-speed disaster recovery capabilities while optimizing resources and increasing productivity – to meet RTO and RPO targets and keep the business running.

With over a decade of technology partnership, HPE and Veeam offer truly simple data protection, allowing you to rapidly recover data at its most granular level, especially in virtualized environments.


Tightly integrated solutions based on Veeam Backup & Replication Suite and HPE primary storage snapshots radically improve RPOs. Integration with HPE backup targets such as HPE StoreOnce, HPE Nimble Adaptive Flash, and HPE Apollo provide a range of options for specific use cases that result in faster backup and recovery and simplicity of operations. And our HPE Cloud Volumes Backup solution with Veeam enables a cloud experience for enterprise protection.

Take action to protect your data

Recently, I sat down with ActualTech Media and Chris Donohoe, Veeam Solutions Architect for HPE Product Alliance Management, to examine modern threats and solutions, and to share best practices for protecting your business-critical data.

In our wide-ranging discussion, we explore the changing data protection landscape where data growth is accelerating and transforming backup and recovery options for IT organizations. We cover the ways HPE and Veeam together deliver application availability, superior resource management, and simplicity in our data protection solutions. And we share insights on the recent Veeam Backup & Replication v11 software release, what it means for our combined offerings, and how it can benefit you – from faster backups and restores, to capacity-optimized backup, to the fastest ever all-in-one backup solution we offer.

Watch the ActualTech Media webinar: Protect your most valuable currency with HPE and Veeam

Join me at VeeamON

HPE is proud to be a sponsor at VeeamON 2021. I will be presenting a session on ransomware, exploring the ways that HPE and Veeam are uniquely positioned to counter cyberattacks thanks to recent enhancements to Veeam software and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst. Join me!

Parissa-M.jpgParissa Mohamadi, a solution product manager in the HPE Storage organization, leads sales enablement and go-to-market efforts for HPE storage data protection solutions for key workloads (SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, VMware) as well as for backup/recovery software such as Veeam and Commvault. She also leads solutions for Containers and Big Data Analytics.



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