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Question for SMBs: What top 3 challenges keep you up at night?


By Britt Terry, product marketing and resident SMB storage expert, HP Storage


Britt_photo.jpgHere I am—as promised in last week’s Around the Storage Block post. Today, I’m kicking off my blog series by delving into the challenges that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Now the three categories of challenges I’m going to talk about here are something every business faces, regardless of size. But for a small or midsize business, tackling them day in and day out has its own special set of issues. Here’s what I see at the top of the list. Agree? Disagree? Let me know what’s going on with your SMB.



1. Not enough time. Odds are, your staff is expected to act as IT generalists.  You have to be good at a lot of IT tasks and not really allowed to focus on any one area. You are probably dealing with expanding workloads and increasingly complex environments—and none of this is being met with an increase in headcount. What you really need to be able to do is find time to focus on advancing the business—and not waste time performing tasks that don’t provide direct business value.



Money.jpg2. Not enough money. It’s the same old story: You are managing already tight budgets while being asked to provide more business value for each dollar spent on infrastructure. While your budgets may have grown a little over time, they certainly have not expanded at the same rate as project requests. So flat-to-decreasing budgets remain at odds with the new requirements your users or CEO are clamoring for, and it seems like they all want projects done sooner (not later).



Risk.jpg3. Too much risk. What if a devastating tornado hit your office? What if a fire hit one weekend?  Who was in charge of the backup rotation?  What if your IT guy forgot to take home that set of backup disks in his drawer? Risks from natural disasters, equipment failures, human error, data corruption, malicious electronic attacks and physical security issues are the types of things that can destroy a business, especially a small or midsize businesses like yours. You need a solid plan—more than backup on the fly—to build a progressively secure, safe, and protected environment.


Sound familiar?

Are these the right categories of challenges? Please weigh in here. And let me know what other top challenges you face as an SMB—and what you need to do to solve them.  If the discussion here is resonating, I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy our Simply StoreIT approach.  Check this out and stay tuned.


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