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RMC 3.0: Optimizing Hyperconverged Infrastructure with Fast, Simple, Economic Data Protection


HPE RMC 3.0 delivers application-managed, storage-integrated availability and backup as standard for our Hyper Converged 250 System. It’s all about the speed, convenience and economics of RMC 3.0. 

A good example of the benefits of hyperconvergence is provided by the ubiquitous smartphone. Ten years ago I had a separate phone, PDA, media player, GPS system and camera. To check email on the move I would fire up my Hyperconverged Infrastructure BLOG.jpglaptop. Now my iPhone consolidates all of this functionality (and a whole lot more) into a single device, abstracting the complexity of multiple platforms and integrating all of these individual technologies with a software-defined platform (iOS) that changes the keyboard on the fly to match whatever functionality I choose to access. The simplicity that this powerful but tiny hyperconverged device gives me is something I now take for granted.

This evolution toward hyperconvergence is spreading from the consumer space to the data centre, particularly with enterprises that have adopted virtualization and software-defined storage. Hyperconvergence provides iPhone-like consolidation benefits for IT generalists in medium size businesses, Enterprise ROBOs and Enterprise LOBs, delivering efficiency and extremely high predictable scalability in a cost‑effective, modular and purpose-built package.

HPE Hyper Converged Systems are leading the way in the evolution of the hyperconverged market with simple, innovative, all-in-one virtualization solutions that integrate compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence so you can deploy VMs at cloud speed, simplify IT operations and reduce costs.

And now storage-integrated data protection is being added to the HPE hyperconverged mix.  As of September 1, every HPE Hyper Converged 250 System (HC 250) for VMware system will ship with a free license for the HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) for VMware software as standard1.

RMC 3.0 directly integrates the HC 250 platform and HPE StoreOnce Systems protection storage to provide a converged availability and backup service for VMware virtualised workloads. This hypervisor-managed, storage-integrated data protection solution enables up to 23x faster backup2 with no impact on production VM performance. It also lowers cost and complexity by eliminating the need for a third-party backup application.

How hyperconvergence is changing the game for data protection

Hyperconvergence is all about speed, simplicity, efficiency and scalability. You choose hyperconverged platforms because you want to accelerate time to value with fast deployment of “a data center in a box”, simplify your day-to-day IT operations with centralised native management – and reduce overall costs. Simply put, you’re looking for the simplicity of a purpose-built solution that takes the guesswork out of setting up a cloud or virtualised infrastructure.

The expectation of reduced cost and complexity for deployment and manageability shouldn’t stop with servers and software-defined storage. Your hyperconverged solution should give you fast, efficient, reliable and simple data protection for your business-critical applications running on your hyperconverged system. Anything less and you’ll fail to realize the full transformational benefits of hyperconvergence.

So if you want to avoid data protection becoming a bottleneck for your transition to the software defined data center, it’s time to rethink data protection for the new hyperconverged generation.

The limitations of traditional backup in hyperconverged environments

Traditional server-centric backup processes – with dedicated backup infrastructure and server deployed agents – provide reliable “off box” recovery and retention as well as comprehensive features and functionality including catalogue and policy management and granular restore functionality. But they can also impact application performance as well as adding cost and complexity.

hyperconverged slide 1.jpg

 Moreover, traditional software backup applications are not directly integrated with hyperconverged platforms and need to be installed and managed separately with a different interface. Creating another resource silo for backup can to some extent dilute the overall simplicity and efficiency value of a hyperconverged system.

Introducing integrated data protection for your hyperconverged infrastructure

A more effective approach to protecting data on your hyperconverged system is to combine the near instant, non-intrusive availability of snapshots with the reliable recovery and cost-effective retention of backups, delivered in a hypervisor-aware, hyperconverged integrated data protection solution.

HPE Recovery Manager Central software 3.0 for VMware – built in, tested and proven with every HC 250 system – delivers fast, affordable and worry-free end-to-end protection for VMware virtual machine disks (VMDKs) and data stores on HC250 platforms -- directly from within VMware® vCenter.

RMC is a natural complement to HPE Hyper Converged Systems. Here’s why:


NEW RMC 3.0 slide.jpg

It’s fast!

  • Accelerate your time to value: Time is the new currency, and time-to-market with a new service can be the difference between winning and losing. RMC is quick and easy to deploy with a fast, intuitive and streamlined installation process. A single pane of glass installer with minimal clicks gets you up and running in minutes.
  • Rapid online recovery: Eradicate the backup window and enable rapid online recovery with hundreds of fast, non-disruptive, application-consistent VM snapshots and initiate rapid online recovery.
  • Protecting workloads at hyper-drive speed: RMC’s Express Protect feature delivers up to 23x faster backups and 5x faster restores than traditional backup methods. It achieves this by enabling the backup of VM snapshot data from HC 250 to StoreOnce, independent of backup server software. Only changed blocks are sent to the StoreOnce system. Every backup completes at the speed of an incremental, but is stored as a synthetic full backup, which makes application recovery faster and more efficient.

It’s efficient!

  • Less cost and complexity: Streamline and simplify the backup architecture required for protecting VMs on your HC 250 system. All backups are deduplicated using award-winning StoreOnce technology, thereby reducing backup storage requirements by up to 20 times on average.

It’s simple!

  • Hypervisor managed data protection: Monitor and manage application consistent snapshots, backup, and recovery seamlessly and directly from within the familiar VMware vCenter user interface that you use to manage your HC 250 system. Right click on your VM. Choose backup. It’s that easy.

It’s reliable!

  • Guaranteed recovery: Backups stored on HPE StoreOnce are self-contained, fully independent volumes. These can be restored back to the original or a different HC 250 system in the event of a disaster, or if physical problems occur in the production storage environment. This level of data protection cannot be achieved with snapshots alone.
  • High availability: HPE StoreOnce Systems are designed for high availability with autonomic restart of backup jobs and built in redundancy at every level to ensure the recoverability of your business critical data.

Consider these use cases

The HPE Hyper Converged 250 system is the ideal solution for:

  • Medium-sized business – data center in a box managed by IT generalists
  • Enterprise remote sites – centralize edge to core with few (if any) on site IT staff
  • Line of business – workload-optimized services with limited IT support

The easy to deploy and manage, affordable and fast backup service provided by RMC is a natural fit for protecting HC 250 systems for all of these workloads. I will return to this subject in more detail in a future blog.

Keep data protection in mind with your hyperconverged investments

So when you invest in a new HPE Hyper Converged 250 System (HC 250) for VMware, don’t overlook data protection. Hyperconverged infrastructure enables you to simplify your infrastructure, associated services and operations. The HC 250 now allows you to simplify your data protection, too, with built-in availability, backup and recovery with RMC 3.0. Data protection can make or break a business.

Optimize the business value of your HPE hyperconverged infrastructure and install RMC 3.0 today. You can download the RMC 3.0 software here.

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1 For HC 250 system shipped before 1st September 2016 it will be necessary to re-license
2 For VMware environments compared to traditional backup environments



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