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Raising the expectation of mission-critical storage: HPE Primera news

HPE_PrimeraMissionCriticalStorage.jpgLast year, HPE redefined mission-critical storage with the introduction of HPE Primera. CRN called it one of the 10 Hottest SSD and Flash Storage Products Of 2019. And Eric Burgener, vice president of research at IDC, called it “a modern high-end platform that brings the cloud experience on premise while delivering the performance, availability, and scalability needed for mission-critical workloads.” (To hear more from Eric on HPE Primera, check out this video.)    

Since the announcement, customers have been quick to jump on the HPE Primera bandwagon. UKFast and BlueShore Financial, to name a few, are enjoying how easy HPE Primera is to set up and manage—and loving how it uniquely guarantees 100% data availability with no special contract or onerous terms.

Even with the early accolades and great customer reception, HPE is not resting on its laurels. For example, back in November, HPE advanced the cloud experience by integrating the intelligence of HPE Primera with the composability in HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack.

And now, I’m super excited to share the news of how HPE is making a Tier-0 storage platform with 100% availability guaranteed even more resilient. With new support for replication over Fibre Channel (FC) as an alternative to existing support over Internet Protocol (IP), you now have the flexibility of choosing the storage protocol that best fits your disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

Protection against natural and manmade disasters

While some storage vendors will only talk 9’s of availability when replication is deployed, we knew early on in the development of HPE Primera we had something special. That’s why we offer a 100% availability guarantee as a standard benefit for all HPE Primera customers with a Proactive Care or higher support contract. Most importantly, this means no extra hardware or software required to replicate to a second system, no hidden terms, and no 30+ pages of best practices to follow.     

But what about protection against natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes? Or even manmade acts of sabotage, terrorism, industrial espionage, and vandalism?

For an application to never go down, it has to be protected against everything, and that means application data needs to be located in multiple places. For the best protection and recovery point objective (RPO), you need a disaster recovery solution where storage failover and failback is automatic and completely transparent to your hosts and apps.

For true Tier-0 arrays, these are must-have features, and they have to fit into your existing infrastructure whether that’s based on IP or FC.

Traditional disaster recovery tradeoffs

Today, most disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) solutions force customers into tradeoffs. For example, a lot of legacy storage vendors offer protection at various scales with extra hardware, but these options add unwarranted risk because they require another layer of complexity that must be managed. Alternatively, other storage vendors offer software-based options, but these often come with limited capabilities that don’t support your current investments in FC. 

The best DR gets more flexible

With the addition of Remote Copy support over FC, HPE Primera is ready to protect any mission-critical applications, regardless of your existing network infrastructure. In fact, HPE Primera eliminates all the tradeoffs associated with traditional DR and BC solutions with easy, resilient, and flexible replication. With built-in replication native to HPE Primera, you can protect and share data from any application, without any dependencies on the application host.

Self-managing disaster recovery

Similar to how Netflix delivers an on-demand experience for movies and TV, HPE Primera delivers instant storage gratification. For example, HPE has reduced the time spent deploying, managing, and scaling storage by up to 93%. In fact, HPE Primera is the only high-end storage platform that lets you self-install and self-upgrade with rack to applications in less than 20 minutes.

This ease of use extends to your disaster recovery strategy because Remote Copy is “set it and forget it” technology. For example, after Remote Copy instances are configured, you only need to monitor them. As you add apps and workloads and your environment grows, any additional volumes created are automatically replicated and protected. This means you will never get bogged down trying to maintain your DR strategy because no administration overhead is required.

Never sacrifice access to innovation for resiliency

It goes without saying that HPE Remote Copy is a continuous-availability solution that protects critical data and provides data availability 24/7. This built-in replication is powered by the HPE Primera services-centric OS, which uniquely brings a super simple user experience combined with all those advanced data services you need for your mission-critical apps.

A traditional high-end storage OS has a monolithic design, which leads to complex upgrades often tied to system reboots. On the other end of the spectrum is the HPE Primera OS, a modular design with decoupled data services allowing individual services to be updated. This is huge because it makes upgrades:

  • Easier: Self-install and self-upgrade the OS yourself
  • Faster: Complete updates in a matter of minutes 
  • Safer: Update data services without the need for a systems reboot

The bottom line is the HPE Primera OS prevents you from being stuck on outdated gear by enabling higher levels of availability with faster access to innovation.

Disaster recovery your way for your apps

HPE Remote Copy offers a full set of features that can be used to design disaster-tolerant solutions to meet any RPO, whether it’s as small as zero, measured in seconds, or longer. You have the flexibility of choosing between synchronous or periodic asynchronous replication to design the most cost-effective solution that meets your RPO and RTO requirements.

And with the addition of Remote Copy support over FC, HPE Primera is ready to protect any mission-critical application, regardless of your existing network infrastructure. By offering replication over both FC and IP, you have the flexibility and peace of mind of choosing the network infrastructure you know best. This choice reduces the chance of surprises, while not forcing you into new investments.

Raising expectations of mission-critical storage

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice resiliency to get the agility of the cloud. HPE Primera strips away all the complexity typically associated with high-end storage without compromising resiliency. For the first time, mission-critical storage can be self-installed and self-upgraded in a matter of minutes, backed by a 100% availability guarantee.

Additionally, you shouldn’t have to forgo simplicity to get the right DR strategy for you and your apps. Fewer components mean less complexity and less complexity means better availability. With HPE Primera’s built-in Remote Copy capabilities, you get an easy, resilient, and flexible solution for any RPO/RTO, any app, or any network infrastructure -- all at no additional cost.

Visit the HPE Primera website to learn more about the world’s most intelligent storage. And check out the infographic on HPE Primera to read more about how the solution delivers extreme resiliency and performance with the agility of the cloud.


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