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Ready to bring less risk, more ROI to your all-flash data center?


WTsmallJ.jpgBy Walter Tessmann, Sr. Product Line Manager, HP Complete, HP Storage


Introducing a complete solution for data protection over long distances from HP and Alcatel-Lucent

Is your enterprise ready to take the all-flash data center to the ultimate in high availability with geographically dispersed active-active data centers? As you head in that direction, oftentimes managing and acquiring the optical transport through a full solution can be a challenge.


As a customer, you want a complete solution to ensure data integrity that has been validated for interoperability by all vendors involved. This is exactly what we have done with the Alcatel-Lucent team: work together to bring you a validated interoperable and supported end-to-end solution. The Alcatel-Lucent and HP solution allows secure and synchronous data replication between data centers over distances and at rates not normally achievable via standard SAN switching.


To help you on your way, HP and Alcatel-Lucent have validated using HP 3PAR StoreServ storage and HP 3PAR Remote Copy software, coupled with the PSS 1830 Optical Switch from Alcatel-Lucent. With this optical switch, your data centers can replicate and stay up to date in virtually real time within 130KM (500KM very, very soon!) of distance with an L1 in-flight encryption option to minimize business risk. Some of the use cases that we are addressing with this solution include: business continuity, disaster recovery, secure data transport, data center interconnect and remote copy applications.




More control, more ROI

This synchronous replication solution gives your enterprise total control over your infrastructure with proven ROI within months. While obtaining long-distance synchronous replication as a service may seem turnkey and attractive, it limits your ability to own the data and its integrity end to end. And it delivers no ROI whatsoever. Sort of like having cable at your house: it’s great, until there is an outage and it costs you a monthly fee that provides entertainment but never any ROI. Smiley Happy


That’s why we’re recommending the HP 3PAR StoreServ storage and Alcatel-Lucent solution. It’s the ideal solution when you want to have ultimate decision making control over your data 100% of the time—with no third-party intervention—while owning the technologies that comprise the backbone of carrier-class networks.


And the best news this 3PAR Thursday: HP now offers this solution as part of our 3PAR StoreServ portfolio, bringing an economically viable alternative to managed services solutions that have proven costly or incomplete in the past.

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