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Realize the value cloud data protection with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup

Data drives your business, and that data is at an ever-increasing risk.

Organizations like yours make every effort to safeguard data and keep mission-critical applications highly available but still face system downtime caused by hardware failures, power outages and natural disasters. To make matters worse, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the ongoing situations like COVID-19 pandemic to carry out malware and ransomware attacks. Despite the severe consequences of potential data loss, IT organizations are spread too thin to meet their data protection needs with outdated technology.

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Traditional backup approaches are not designed for today’s dynamic and distributed business environment. They are time-consuming and costly to manage. They can’t easily scale to meet progressive, changing needs. They require upfront capex, expensive software licensing, and costly over-provisioning. And they lock your data away only to be used in case of emergency.

So, is moving to cloud the answer to these challenges? The simple answer is “no”. – In the quest to be more agile and innovative, backup infrastructure must be transformed.

Leveraging cloud for backup isn’t a new concept, but the cloud solutions for backup today aren’t doing enough. Across a myriad of different approaches they are complex, requiring bolt-on gateways and virtual appliances that still need to be managed in the cloud. This kind of backup can give IT managers pain, causing disruption and demanding change as they require you to rip and replace your existing backup software and policies. And they are still just insurance, limiting how you restore and use your data.

Now is the time to modernize data protection, so you can easily protect your data and extract value and insights from it. For starters, you need to simplify operations and reduce time spent managing infrastructure and policies to meet every SLA. You also need to align infrastructure needs with actual usage to avoid overprovisioning capacity and to more efficiently manage cash flow. And finally, you need to transform your backup data.

Cloud backup made simple with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup

To modernize data protection in the cloud, HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, an enterprise cloud backup service, delivers a simple, efficient, and flexible way to store your backup data. This on-demand service lets you seamlessly backup to the cloud from any HPE or non-HPE primary storage array.

Users can spin up storage capacity in minutes and direct it to existing data workflows in just a few clicks. Automated backup policies eliminate having to initialize, configure, manage, or tune physical or virtual infrastructure, as well. This service breaks down the silos of a typical cloud backup deployment and unifies backup data in the cloud. HPE Cloud Volumes Backup removes mass fragmentation with open support for any primary storage array and any data protection software like Veeam, Commvault, Veritas NetBackup, MicroFocus, and others.

It eliminates complexity by freeing users from the day-to-day hassles, and regulates operational costs of backup infrastructure with consumption-based pricing and efficient data mobility. Another benefit? It’s flexible. One can restore workloads on-premises or easily leverage public cloud for multiple use cases, such as test/dev, reporting, and analytics, enabling them to transform backup data from a storage challenge into a business asset.

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Cloud backup done right

While alternative cloud backup services exist, HPE Cloud Volumes Backup is unique, and drives significantly more value for organizations.

  • Unifies backup. We’ve found that on average, customers are using several separate on-premises backup tools that all talk to different cloud instances. This massively fragmented approach slows down overall innovation because it requires configuring, initializing, and managing separate operating systems, and establishing best practices for each.  HPE Cloud Volumes Backup collapses these silos by consolidating backup into a simple service that can be consumed in one single portal, with open support for any storage and any backup ISV.
  • Activates data. Your backups should be more than an insurance policy. In both legacy backup appliances and cloud native platforms, your backup data is locked away and may only be useful in the case of a disaster. With HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, you’re able to restore to the HPE Cloud Volumes Block to leverage compute resources in the public cloud. This is truly a value-added service that is more than just a place to back up your data. 
  • Free egress. We don’t charge any egress fees, meaning we won’t charge you to access your data on-premises. Public clouds often have a fee if you want to move your data from the cloud to your on-premises infrastructure. – It’s our belief that you should have access to your data, when you need it, for free. It is your data, after all.
  • No lock-in. We believe that our customers shouldn’t be locked-in to one cloud, so we’ve given them the flexibility and choice of a cloud provider. You can leverage different clouds, simultaneously, for different tools, packages or uses cases, or choose to stick with one cloud and easily move your data to another, as needed. You always have the flexibility to recover on-premises or in the public cloud.
  • Enhanced security. Security is always a hot topic in our conversations with customers who are looking to deploy a hybrid cloud solution. But you can rest assured that your data is safe with HPE Cloud Volumes because all backups are invisible to ransomware. Your data sits separately from the operating system of your applications, so hackers cannot access your data. HPE Cloud Volumes provide higher levels of security than any other cloud backup service in the market today.
  • Faster performance. Finally, we have very efficient and fast source-side built-in deduplication, change-block tracking, and advanced compression that reduces the time, cost, and network bandwidth for cloud backup and recovery by up to 20x[1]. This allows for much faster RTO/RPO.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup ushers in a new era of data protection in the cloud. Industry analysts agree that the new service offers a simple, efficient, and flexible approach to protecting data in the cloud, overcoming the tradeoffs and limitations of alternative services.

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HPE Cloud Volumes Backup ensures that your data is no longer under siege

If you create a strong line of defense now to secure business-critical data and ensure application availability, your organization will be able to deliver more than business continuity. HPE Cloud Volumes Backup gives you the peace of mind that your data is rapidly recoverable, always secure, and provides value to your business without compromise. We help customers protect data wherever it is – improving efficiencies by simplifying operations, aligning infrastructure with actual usag, and turning backup data into an asset that can be used for business insights.

You can even try HPE Cloud Volumes free for 90 days and experience the benefits for yourself.

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 [1] Deduplication ratio of 20:1

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