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Realizing the true potential of hybrid cloud

We’ve expanded our HPE Cloud Volumes to include HPE Cloud Volumes Backup – unlocking the potential of the hybrid cloud to maximize the value of your applications and data at each stage of its lifecycle.

Discover 20_Cloud-Volumes_BlogNEW.shutterstock_400986775.jpgOver the past few months IT leaders have been challenged to transform the way their businesses operate, and look to hybrid cloud as a potential enabler for recovery and innovation.  But there are also overwhelming challenges that exist with managing fragmented clouds, which impede overall business acceleration. 

Now’s the perfect time to realize the true potential of hybrid cloud, by breaking down the silos to get the most out of every cloud. We enable hybrid cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes, a suite of enterprise data services that delivers a unified data experience and bridges the divide between on-premises and the public cloud.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve expanded HPE Cloud Volumes to include HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, an on-demand enterprise cloud backup service making it super simple for you to move your backup infrastructure to the cloud directly from any storage array or backup ISV – without egress or cloud lock-in.

With the addition of HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, HPE Cloud Volumes now unlocks the potential of the hybrid cloud across the entire lifecycle of apps and data including test/dev, production, to analytics and data protection. 

Challenges with a cloud-first strategy

You may be thinking in light of global uncertainty that moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud is the best option today because it will allow you to easily take advantage of the agility and self-service of on-demand infrastructure, the elasticity to scale, and pay based on actual use. 

Even though a cloud-first strategy can make things easier, it doesn’t work for everything – and it doesn’t work for the most important things. 

Public cloud is not one-size-fit-all.  It’s certainly suited for cloud-native applications designed for the distributed infrastructure and platform services but it’s not suitable for your mission-critical applications. For these types of applications and databases, you rely on enterprise data services, six-nines (or more) resiliency, and low latency performance. 

If you were to move these applications to the cloud, you would need to refactor, and possibly even rewrite, your applications, which takes up a lot of time and resources. Data gravity is also at play when moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud – the data and ecosystem supporting the applications is too heavy and moving it cannot be done without evoking risk. 

As different applications call for different requirements, you need different environments to take care of it all. But this is problematic for your business because it creates fragmented silos of infrastructure and increases complexity, which starves the potential of your business.

The best of both worlds

What if instead you could take a cloud everywhere approach – giving you a unified experience (with the same agility, simplicity, and cloud consumption) across on-premises and the public cloud? An approach where you wouldn't have to make any compromises to your mission-critical apps and could leverage the enterprise data services you’re used to on both on-premises and the public cloud. An approach that breaks down the silos and has the potential to accelerate your business transformation by maximizing value, opportunity, and resources across all of your clouds. 

Let’s take a look at this more closely…

The lifecycle of your application starts with development and testing, which can be ideal in the public cloud. Once the application is ready for production, it makes more sense to move on-premises for better cost control, performance, and resiliency.  Once your application has been in production, it’s time to run some analytics to garner insights. With an ideal cloud everywhere approach, you can easily replicate your on-premises application data to the public cloud with open and direct access to the computing power of every cloud for analytics. And then lastly, you should be able to extend data protection to the cloud.

Sounds amazing, right?  But this doesn’t work with a fragmented cloud-first approach, where it’s impossible to move freely between clouds, leaving the potential for business innovation on the cutting room floor.

It’s important to optimize all of your resources when and where you can – and that’s where HPE Cloud Volumes comes in…

Realizing the true potential of hybrid cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes

HPE Cloud Volumes gives you enterprise cloud data services that unlocks the potential of the hybrid cloud by maximizing your data at each stage of its lifecycle. It’s an on-demand cloud storage service that provisions storage in a matter of minutes and brings along the enterprise reliability and performance capabilities. It’s not shifting a storage OS to be managed in the cloud like our competitors, which requires lengthy administration time to initialize, configure, or manage. 

It also gives you seamless data mobility to bridge your on-premises cloud to any public cloud. With your data in HPE Cloud Volumes, you have multi-cloud flexibility so you can point your data to the computing power of the cloud of your choice. This lets you take advantage of every cloud for test/dev and analytics without having to migrate your data or deal with egress costs moving data across clouds.

The first service suite is HPE Cloud Volumes Block, an enterprise-grade, multi-cloud data service for your applications in the public cloud. Customers are able to replicate HPE Nimble Storage to HPE Cloud Volumes Block for disaster recovery, but can also use public cloud compute resources to run analytics, testing, reporting, etc. It gives customers an easy disaster recovery solution with the flexibility to use their data for innovation. 

And today, we’ve expanded the HPE Cloud Volumes services suite!

Which brings us right back to our great news! Today we’ve announced HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, an enterprise cloud backup service that allows you to instantly start backing up to the cloud in minutes – without changing any of your existing workflows. We’re breaking down the fragmented silos to make data protection simple, bringing you pay-as-you-protect economics and enabling you to activate your backup data anywhere to accelerate innovation. 

Unlike other cloud approaches, we’re uniquely bringing customers a fresh approach to backup, with the ability to put your backup data to work in any cloud with no lock-ins or egress charges when recovering your backup data from HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. With HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, we’re able to deliver on cloud everywhere to bring your business where it needs to go.

But don’t just take our word for it.

“HPE Cloud Volumes enables us to easily and affordably replicate our on-prem Nimble arrays off-site for simple and reliable DR to any cloud provider we choose”, said Stacy Kennedy, a System Architect at ACS Technologies. “We are excited about how HPE Cloud Volumes Backup can provide an additional layer of data protection for our business with a simple, efficient and flexible cloud backup service that eliminates the need for complex backup infrastructure without changing our existing backup processes, delivers pay as you go pricing and lets us recover on prem or in the cloud.”

Delivering a cloud everywhere strategy for each stage of your data’s lifecycle

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup is changing the way you backup. We’re making it extremely simple to backup any storage array to the cloud, while enabling our customers to extract real value from that protected data. This now enables HPE Cloud Volumes to unlock the true potential of hybrid cloud across data’s entire lifecycle – from test/dev, production, analytics, to data protection – by breaking down the silos that exist between public and private clouds to bring you the agility and innovation you need.

NEW! To try out HPE Cloud Volumes (risk free!), we have a promotion running now until October 31st, 2020 that will give you HPE Cloud Volumes Services for free! All of the details can be found here.

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