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Record Scaling for SAP HANA with 100% Data Availability Guaranteed



Are you looking for storage to consolidate SAP HANA and non-HANA environments? Look no further than HPE XP7 with record scaling for SAP HANA TDI. Along with HPE Superdome X server, this is an unbeatable compute and storage solution for HANA.

As more and more customers migrate to SAP HANA and more choose Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) for implementation, the expectations of storage for HANA continue to grow.

HPE XP7_SAP HANA_blog.jpgNot only does your storage need to deliver the performance and scaling for HANA, it needs to offer mission-critical availability and data services for high levels of storage consolidation. HPE XP7 storage tackles this all with ease. Here's how.

HPE XP7 for your mission-critical environments

HPE XP7 is an enterprise-class data storage platform for disaster proof storage in mission-critical environments. Designed for organizations that simply cannot afford any downtime, the XP7 combines ultra-high-performance, fully redundant hardware, and unique data replication capabilities for complete business continuity and data protection. The XP7 can adapt to changing business conditions in real time, while increasing data center capacity and lifespan and providing solutions that decrease risk and costs.

The best possible performance and scaling for HANA is achieved with HPE XP7 All Flash. The HPE XP7 all-flash system based around Flash Module Device (FMD) technology offers exceptional performance at 4.8M IOPs, of which 99.6% complete within 1msec. In addition to awesome performance, HPE XP7 FMD’s offer 70% lower $/G compared to SSD. And best of all, HPE XP7 FMDs feature in-line hardware compression, achieving at least 2:1 data reduction with ZERO impact on array performance.

Guaranteeing data availability matters to the success of an organization. HPE XP7 is offered with an industry leading 100% data availability guarantee1. HPE guarantees access to data to ensure that your company meets its information availability requirements. No other all-flash storage system is engineered for this level of reliability. XP7 storage systems are engineered to have no single points of failure and multiple levels of redundancy.  For SAP HANA, XP7 storage supports several HA/DR options. These include SAP HANA Host Auto-Failover and SAP HANA System Replication and XP7 with HA (active-Active read/write on both sites).

Record scaling means record consolidation HPE XP7.jpeg

Exactly how many SAP HANA nodes can we pack into a storage array? The answer is a lot, in the case of XP7. Just published is a record enterprise storage certification for HPE XP7 of 128 HANA node scaling. In the end, for customer deployments, it is not about record scaling, it is about consolidation and how many HANA and non-HANA applications can a single storage array support. Consolidation reduces hardware and operational costs, optimizes time-to-value for existing hardware and shortens implementation cycles. This HPE XP7 all-flash TDI solution fits into a single rack, economizing not only on space but power and cooling as well.

The scoop on sizing

With consolidation in mind, it is important to consider how to size storage for HANA? A number of things need to be considered. RAID levels are key consideration. RAID 1 is recommended for maximum performance. For best availability, RAID 6 is preferred but does demand more array controller resources. RAID 5 is also acceptable for FMDs but offers lower levels of availability compared to RAID 6. Overall capacity sizing for the XP7 for HANA should be based on the sizing rules given in the SAP HANA Storage IO Requirements white paper from SAP. These sizing rules should be applied based on the memory needed for the SAP HANA database.

Server matters: HPE Superdome X mission-critical server 

While the record XP7 certification for HANA TDI holds independent of the compute environment, HPE Integrity Superdome X powered this certification in our labs. The scaling, performance and availability of a combined XP7 and Superdome X make this an unbeatable combination for HANA.

HPE Superdome X is optimized for the highest availability, scalability, and efficiency. It supports up to 16 Intel Xeon E7 processors and 48TB of memory which is ideal for the most demanding business processing and decision support workloads for the traditional SAP environment. HPE Superdome X has achieved multiple world record performances across different benchmarks.

The Superdome X for SAP HANA TDI Compute Block with large coherent memory powers the most demanding SAP HANA workloads. It offers the largest certified SAPHANA scale-out solution with 192TB memory for business warehouse applications. Just as XP7 storage is well suited for consolidation, Superdome X has hardware partitioning capabilities that consolidate and aggregate your enterprise applications as well as HANA and non-HANA workloads. The Superdome X offers the extreme performance and scalability to power XP7 for the record scaling and record consolidation. The combination of XP7 and Superdome X is fully validated by HPE and SAP for SAP HANA environment.

Learn more about HPE Storage Solutions for SAP HANA.

1 Program terms and conditions apply. Ask your HPE representative to see them


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