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Relax this summer with modernized backup and recovery to enhance your data protection ecosystem


Srik.jpegBy Srikanth Venkataseshu, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager, BURA, HP Storage


It’s summertime! And who doesn’t want to enjoy backyard barbecues, watch soccer World Cup, and spend more time with friends and family? How does it feel to be called back to work on a Sunday afternoon to fix a broken backup job or a failed recovery? Not so great, right?

Today, I want to call your attention to a number of advancements with our Backup and Recovery Solutions that will further modernize your backup infrastructure – so you can have peace of mind knowing your data is completely protected and get back to enjoying summer with your loved ones.

Blockbuster storage news coming out of HP Discover

We had a tremendous showing for HP Storage at HP Discover in Las Vegas earlier this month. We announced many groundbreaking technological advancements including: 

All these innovations are designed to reduce cost and simplify data protection while securing your information. 

ESG’s Jason Buffington provided his take on another groundbreaking innovation in adaptive backup and recovery solutions from HP Data Protector. You can register to the webinar and listen in.

We also announced the HP AllianceOne Data Agile Partner Program, a rich partner ecosystem that offers a consistent framework for ISVs to self-certify the interoperability of their applications across the entire HP Backup Recovery and Archive (BURA) portfolio. This is designed to give you confidence with deploying pre-tested and certified solutions for worry-free data protection environment. Several of our partners including Symantec, CommVault, Veeam, BridgeHead Software, iTernity, and QStar are already members of this program, and the list continues to grow.

Expanding the data protection ecosystem

Keeping in mind the diversity of data protection software choices available today, we made several enhancements to StoreOnce to deliver more value with our ISV ecosystem partner solutions.

First, HP Data Protector is further enhanced to support HP StoreOnce Federated Catalyst and also supports encryption in-flight and at-rest. With Federated Catalyst, you no longer have to map backup jobs to individual backup stores on StoreOnce to get optimal deduplication. Instead, you send backups to a single elastic aggregate pool of storage and let StoreOnce do its magic of placing data based on intelligent adaptive routing and workload aware analytics. In short, you get maximum deduplication and highest performance with minimal management. Read more here: HP StoreOnce and HP Data Protector

 Second, our ISV partner solutions:

T-symantec-logo1__153x115--C-tcm245-1531912--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgSymantec: HP StoreOnce Catalyst integrated with Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec via OST (Open Storage Technology) allows backup administrators to manage StoreOnce directly from backup console to greatly simplify data protection. StoreOnce supports various OST features including Opt Duplication (low bandwidth replication between StoreOnce devices), Storage Life Cycle Policies (SLP), and AIR (Auto Image Replication) for simplified Disaster Recovery. Now, we also support Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to enable you to recovery individual items from StoreOnce rapidly and efficiently. Read more here: HP StoreOnce Backup with Symantec NetBackup

T-veeam-logo1__153x115--C-tcm245-1531913--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgVeeam Software: Veeam is a long-term HP partner has numerous integrations with HP storage. The integration with HP primary storage enables applications and VMs to be instantly recovered from primary snapshots –resulting in a shorter RTO (Recovery Time Objective). HP StoreOnce complements Veeam dedupe, delivering additional space savings up to 85% for Veeam backups.  Also, because some datasets are not conducive for deduplication,so  we created non-deduplicating shares with StoreOnce to accommodate admin preferences.  Veeam administrators can leverage this functionality to rapidly backup their critical VMs to this landing zone aka non-dedupe share and instantly recover/reboot VMs from StoreOnce. Aging VMs can be moved to deduplicating shares to maximize storage efficiency. Again, greater value and flexibility for Veeam backups.  Read more here: Data protection for HP ConvergedSystem with Veeam and HP StoreOnce Backup

T-commvault-logo__153x115--C-tcm245-1531918--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgCommVault Simpana: HP StoreOnce has been optimized to intelligently identify backup data streams from CommVault media agents to deliver higher dedupe ratios without impacting performance. CommVault customers can now enjoy greater space savings while meeting backup and recovery windows. Also, the file limit on HP StoreOnce NAS shares have been increased to 1million files/share to allow CommVault, Veeam and other backup applications to store more data on a single share, again resulting in simplified management. Read more here: HP Storage and CommVault Simpana

TSMJ.jpgIBM TSM: First, HP StoreOnce has been enhanced to emulate IBM TS3500 (3584-L32) Tape Library and IBM TD3 (LTO-3) Tape Drive to seamlessly integrate into TSM environments. Second, it is not uncommon to find TSM customers backing up several hundred TBs of data overnight. That's why having a reliable backup target is key. Therefore, we enabled TSM backups to leverage the high availability and autonomic failover of StoreOnce to ensure backup jobs always complete on time.

We are doing our part so you can enjoy your summer more with friends and family. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

And for some summer reading: more about our BURA solutions. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Changed URL to updated page)


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