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Reporting in from OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Innovations for the cloud


JB.jpgBy Jessica Burton, Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage



As thousands of users, DevOps and vendor attendees flooded into the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo this week to kick-off this fall’s conference, interest and excitement continued to climb around OpenStack’s use cases and the platform’s ability to adopt disruptive and revolutionary technologies like containers and NFV.

2015-10-27 08  SIZED.jpg

Storage endured as a strong narrative.

in fact, Cinder (block storage) held its own as one of the top 5 OpenStack projects with an 83% adoption rate among OpenStack environments. Users like Yahoo! Japan, NEC, CyberAgent and SK Telecom presented insights covering how they scale OpenStack for Big Data analytics and prepare for the push towards the Internet of Things (IoT). Other hot topics like hybrid cloud management were explored, with customers explaining how they streamline deploying and managing multiple types of clouds and architectures like Amazon Web Services (AWS) with their OpenStack private clouds based on workloads.

In the face of unrelenting OpenStack user demand for simplified management and enterprise readiness, we announced multiple contributions for the Liberty release this week, covering both Cinder and Manila (file storage). Key 3PAR StoreServ and StoreVirtual technology features include:

  • Storage management automation - 3PAR SSMC deep linking into Horizon(OpenStack dashboard)
  • Flash storage optimization - StoreVirtual sub-volume auto-tiering
  • High availability and disaster recovery - StoreVirtual 2-node quorum
  • Performance efficiency - 3PAR iSCSI multi-pathing

Along with these features, we also announced 3PAR StoreServ and StoreVirtual support for persistent containerized applications in OpenStack environments via the use of ClusterHQ’s open source Flocker driver. Users can now rely on persistent storage containers for especially critical applications like databases without the fear of losing data as it moves from one source to another. Users deploying HP storage containers benefit from 3PAR StoreServ’s performance features like flash cache, storage QoS controls and in-line deduplication features, along with StoreVirtual’s cost-effective approach for high availability with two-node quorum.

Without question, OpenStack has come a long way. What started as a small joint project between NASA and Rackspace has grown to a worldwide community and audience of developers and users that include recognizable names like BMW, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, eBay, Disney and many more. OpenStack is becoming a ubiquitous part of the cloud back-end that most people never see or hear about, as long as it works and is reliable. And that’s why this summit continues to grow in popularity, and why we continue to be a top contributor to the technology.

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