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Rest easy with HP StoreOnce and the Get Protected Guarantee free backup assessment


Tilman_ETSS_2012_closeup.jpgBy Tillman Walker, Technical Marketing Engineering Manager, BURA


Weekend or not, did you sleep well last night? Or were you lying awake wondering whether you would be able to recover your data in the case of a system failure?


The question sounds simple but is actually fairly hard to answer for most environments. This statement is based on my experience from many years of consulting. Honestly, who really keeps track of everything that is going on in your IT environment? And measures and tracks how backup is keeping pace? Let’s face it, backup is typically an afterthought. But if bad comes to worse, I would not want to be caught without an “insurance policy."


Less stress, more rest – with free backup assessment

No matter whether you are a backup admin, IT operations managers or an executive, we can help shed some light on how your environment is really doing. As part of the HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee, we start with a free backup assessment (yes, free with no strings attached). This not only provides insights into how healthy your backup environment is. It can also uncover fairly substantial cost saving opportunities. Our free backup assessment will tell you:

  • How high your backup success rate really is
  • Which backup jobs failed (and in our experience every customer has failed backup jobs that often you aren’t even aware of)
  • How your retention times are set (because retention time settings typically hold a fair amount of optimization potential and that might be nice to tap into)
  • What your backup window distribution looks like and who the “offenders” to keeping SLAs are.
  • What data types and capacities you are actually protecting

Take control of your backup

One of the challenges you face when trying to modernize the backup infrastructure is how to predict what deduplication ratios to expect. For a given environment, these could be anywhere from 3:1 to a stellar 50:1 (or even more).


Gain insights with the free assessment that’s part of the HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee program. This is all about taking your risk out of buying a new deduplication backup solution. For an eligible environment (as determined through the assessment), HP will commit to achieving a 95% reduction in backup capacity when moving to a StoreOnce solution. If your environment does not see the reduction, the remedy hardware is on HP. How is that for risk mitigation?


What you get with the Get Protected Guarantee

So to sum things up: you can get your environment assessed for free and get a glimpse on whether your “insurance policy would pay” in case of need. You also receive ideas for cost reductions and deduplication predictions based on your specific environment. Watch this ChalkTalk from HPStoregeGuy to dig even deeper on the topic.





Finally, should you decide to take us up on the offer and if your environment qualifies, HP provides a guarantee around achievable deduplication rates. That is a stress-free way to engage on a backup modernization project.


No more need for sleepless nights full of uncertainty and doubt.


Before you drift off to sleep... you can learn more about the Get Protected Guarantee at:

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