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Reverse the Curse: Getting Results in the Data Center



In this year’s Major League Baseball World Series, two “cursed” teams faced off in an underdog vs. underdog championship baseball match. How did they make it when so many others didn’t? Take a tip from team managers to improve your data center – and see where software-defined storage fits your game plan. 

For fans, this year’s Major League Baseball World Series was beyond compelling. Two “cursed” teams with a combined drought of 170+ years found themselves facing off in what some called an underdog vs. underdog championship match. How SDS_baseball_results_blog.jpgdid they make it when so many other teams didn’t? You could argue that their long ball hitters got them there. You could argue that their coaching strategy made all the difference. You could easily argue that it was their phenomenal pitching. But you’d be wrong. What got them to the post season was the right mix.

The right coaches, batters, starting pitchers, relievers, fielders – even the right stadium can mean the difference between a great season and one where your team falls short. 

Users expect world-class results

Your data center is no baseball stadium (probably a good thing). But you might have days where you feel like your IT infrastructure is cursed. Take a tip from World Series team managers – start now and build the right mix.

As unreasonable as it sounds, we live in a digital world where customers expect instant results and businesses compete at alarmingly fast rates. The fact is, the familiar racks of siloed storage and compute systems can’t keep up.

High speed workloads require technologies that are integrated and automated, working together like a world-class team. IT administrators are already preparing for this digital transformation by moving their data centers to more streamlined platforms. Businesses that have deployed software-defined storage (SDS) have a head start. SDS lays the groundwork for a more agile infrastructure with simple, scalable, highly available data services hosted on high speed servers. Recent advances are taking data storage one step further into a cooperative data fabric that paves the way for innovations on the horizon.

 IT infrastructure grand slam

Luckily for you, the ability to build the right mix of solutions is well within reach. Check out this eBook to learn how IT administrators are embracing this paradigm shift without compromising their existing mixed vendor environments, learning new platforms or going over budget. And learn more about HPE StoreVirtual VSA technology – why it has been deployed 10s of thousands of times, and why it’s the industry’s dominant SDS technology.

Ready to win? Let’s…play ball!

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Meet Around the Storage Block Blogger Janet Runberg, Enablement Manager, HPE Software-Defined Storage.

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