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Say hello to next-gen SAN management: HPE SANnav management software

Learn about new HPE SANnav management software. It's the next-generation suite of SAN management tools that fundamentally changes the way IT administrators manage storage area networks.

HPE SANnav management-blog.jpgThe rate of change in the IT industry is staggering and accelerates every day. (Case in point: Take a few minutes to search “Kurzweil’s singularity theory” and get your mind blown!)  One of the root causes of this change is data growth that brings with it both opportunities and challenges. Data is one the most important assets in our world and therefore must be coddled, protected, and secured as if it was a child of royal, noble birthright. 

In the context of a modern business where data is far more critical, the stakes are many times higher and the continuity and reliability of IT is often in the hands of a multi-tasking IT admin managing unforgiving SLAs and often unrealistic expectations. Fortunately, for businesses (and IT administrators around the world), these catastrophes can be avoided. IT organizations and the businesses they underpin and enable don’t have to simply be hapless victims waiting idly for the next disaster. 

Introducing HPE SANnav Mangement Software

For nearly 20 years HPE has been introducing industry-shaping storage networking solutions with our partners. Today HPE announces the launch of HPE SANnav Management Softwarethe next-generation suite of SAN management tools that fundamentally changes the way IT administrators manage storage area networks. This new IT lifeline helps deliver on the promises of uptime, performance, reliability, and manageable scalability. 

HPE SANnav Management Software was designed with the AI capability to perform common human IT tasks with the ability to learn from SAN performance trends and behavior, and then modeling new behaviors and what-if scenarios, automatically adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the data path. It enables organizations to get the most out of investments in costly, modern IT platforms and helps them deliver the performance they were expected to. SANnav reduces human intervention and allows IT professionals to focus on innovation and enhancing productivity.

HPE SANnav Management Software includes:

  • SANnav Management Portal was designed for managing the health of SAN fabrics in a single data center
  • SANnav Global View was designed for managing multiple SANnav Management Portal instances in a single data center or across distributed data centers.

 What does SANnav offer?

  • Provides easy to understand topology environments that show device or fabric health so you are quickly made aware of interest points that matter most.
  • Offers machine learning cababilities to take the reams of measurements and turn them into actionable insights specific to the environment.
  • Showcases need-to-know information and gives recommendations on what to do about trouble spots.
  • Streamlines common processes around deployment to reduce human intervention time and human error.
  • Automates both data collection and reporting into customized views.
  • Checks for “drift” away from known good configurations of network elements and autocorrects to the proper settings.
  • Makes it easy to drill down from a corporate-wide view to the exact location that needs your attention SANnav Global View

You can further enhance you  SAN manageability experience by extending visibility into SAN through HPE Smart Fabric Orchestrator (SFO). HPE SANnav Management Software and Smart Fabric Orchestrator deployed together have the power to deliver greater performance, agility, and operational efficiency in today’s data centers.

HPE Smart Fabric Orchestrator accelerates the process of configuring, monitoring, and managing different types of SAN fabrics in different configurations, through a single dashboard along with additional features of self-healing, fabric interoperability, naming zones, and predefined templates to simplify configuration of switches, ports, fabrics, and containers. And not to forget the error-free firmware updates across entire environment through SFO’s Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK) validation for SAN.

Ready to meet today's storage network IT challenges

The combination of HPE SANnav Management Software and HPE Smart Fabric Orchestrator provides a solution that is designed to meet the challenges of today’s IT organizations. Whether you are managing an environment that is small or large, simple or complex, SANnav provides the tools and capabilities to deliver the performance and reliability IT users and customers expect.  

With the launch of HPE SANnav Management software, we round out the most robust SAN product set in the industry, providing you with the hardware platforms, management tools, and support resources needed to keep up with the IT challenges of the modern data center.

For more details, check out the HPE SANnav Management Software QuickSpecs.

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