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See it in action: True hybrid cloud powered by HPE and Google Cloud

Learn more about this one-of-a-kind solution—and see how it unlocks hybrid CI/CD and multicloud production use cases through video demonstrations.

According to a recent IDC survey, CIOs are realizing that the “next wave” of cloud deployments is going to be intricately paired with containerization—with Kubernetes leading the way as the preferred orchestration technology. These deployments are not limited to DevOps, but rather, almost half of the IDC survey respondents anticipate the majority of their production applications will be leveraging containers by 2023, with over one-third of all respondents deploying to multiple clouds, including on-premises.

Given the proliferation and convergence of these two technologies, a combined management and deployment strategy is desperately needed. One that bridges together not just the technical aspects of working in multicloud and agile environments but also reduces complexity and costs.

The solution is here!

Shortly before HPE Discover 2019 in Las Vegas, Sandeep Singh, VP of HPE Storage Marketing, published a blog post introducing the industry’s first true hybrid cloud solution for containers, where the on premises environment was as flexible and scalable as the public cloud, and data and applications could be seamlessly migrated across the two. The solution, brought together in partnership with Google Cloud, features HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Cloud Volumes, and Google Cloud’s Anthos.

At HPE Discover, together with Google Cloud, we showcased the value of this one of a kind solution. It begins with our validated designs, one of which is the HPE Validated Design for Anthos on HPE Nimble Storage dHCI that provides:

  • A converged, flexible, flash optimized and API driven architecture that allows independent scaling of compute and storage
  • A cloud native container runtime experience, powered by one of Google Cloud Anthos’s primary components—Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)—running on premises or in the cloud
  • A unified hybrid cloud platform, where applications can be built once and deployed in any cloud, including the on premises private cloud
  • Through Google Cloud’s Anthos, single pane of glass management for container infrastructure, applications, and workloads

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI also supports integrated advanced management for persistent storage, a requirement for stateful container applications, like databases or message queues.

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It gets better with HPE Cloud Volumes!

The solution continues with HPE Cloud Volumes, providing enterprise-grade services for storing and managing data in public clouds. Combined with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, you now have the foundation for complete stateful application workload mobility, unlocking a myriad of use cases, including:

  • Hybrid CI/CD—Develop in any cloud or on premises, and deploy to production wherever it sits
  • Hybrid disaster recovery—Protect on-premises environments to the cloud, and in the event of disaster, seamlessly recover applications or entire clusters in the cloud
  • Multicloud production—Gain the flexibility of choosing the right cloud for business needs, and seamlessly move applications depending on how those needs change

HPE Cloud Volumes provides the backbone for these hybrid, or cloud-native, multicloud use cases. Without requiring time intensive data migration or costly egress fees!

Ready to see it in action?

For HPE Discover, we showcased several demos that specifically focused on use cases made possible by this true hybrid cloud solution. See how HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Cloud Volumes, and Google Cloud’s Anthos power Hybrid CI/CD and Multicloud Production by selecting one of the demos below.

Hybrid CI/CD Pipeline with HPE and Google Cloud


Multicloud Agility Powered by HPE Cloud Volumes and Google Cloud’s Anthos


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