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Setting the HPE Storage record straight | ATITB Podcast

Today I have a very short blog post because I'll let the podcast speak for itself. It's also a short podcast, short enought that I have a vblog (video blog) version too. In this Around the IT Block (ATITB) podcast, I talked about the HPE Storage strategy and shared about the May 4th HPE Storage webcastSetting the HPE Storage record straight podcast.png that will include HPE CEO Antonio Neri. I also discussed VMware vVols and the leadership position HPE has with over 55% of all vVols on HPE Storage. There's a recent blog post here on ATSB that you can read that talks about HPE and VMware vVols. It's a short podcast (less than 10 minutes) and I titled it setting the record straight because each of the two topics had industry people misrepresenting HPE - and my sense of justice had to set the record straight! 

Here's the video version. 

You can listen to the podcast on or download it to listen to later. One note - Talkshow has started adding a 30 second commercial to the beginning of the podcast. You can skip forward 30 seconds to the start of my podcast. 

You can subscribe to my podcast on your favorite platform: TalkShoe.comiTunesGoogle PodcastStitcher, and Spotify podcast.

Lastly, download the calendar reminder for our May 4th webcast, Unleash Your Data. I'll have more to say about this later this week. The link is I've worked in HPE Storage for 30 years and this really is one of if not the boldest step we've ever taken. So don't miss it!

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