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Setting the new standard of IT deployment


By Kate Davis, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage   @KateAtHP

fast_slow_ATSB_shutterstock_312071735_18Nov_blog_sized.jpgWhether you are in a large data center or a remote office, on land or at sea – deployment of IT can be tough. We’ve heard this a lot from customers and that’s why one of our goals for the hyper-converged platform (CS 250-HC StoreVirtual) was to create a fast, simple deployment method for the appliance.

Simple deployment

It’s one of the significant benefits you get from HPE. We are a VMware OEM vendor. This allows us to be able to create a packaged software stack with the hypervisor, data services, and management tools that is loaded on the hardware in the factory. So when it arrives on your door step it can immediately be racked, stacked and set up.

Fast setup

We set a goal of 15 minutes or less.  To get this fully virtualized, compute and storage platform up and running, the engineering team created the OneView InstantOn wizard. A simplified install tool that asks for IP addresses, license keys, admin credentials, and some core infrastructure info and then sets everything up for you. When done, the appliance has multiple compute nodes with a shared storage resource pool ready for you to start provisioning VMs for your applications.

No special training

We’ve made it so easy to deploy that anyone can do it – generalist or specialist – in any location. To show you just how easy deployment is, our lead Tech Marketing Engineer, John Shields, put together this video which walks you through the process from power-on to provisioning.

As an additional reference, here’s the CS 250-HC Install Guide. You’ll find it contains a nice worksheet to help you gather the necessary info used in the InstantOn tool.

More videos are in the works for the hyper-converged platform as well as for our other StoreVirtual-based products. Let us know what you’d like to see next.

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I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.

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