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Share the good news: drastically reduce data backup TCO with Recovery Manager Central


Exploding data amounts – accelerated by rapid advancements in flash technology and massive price erosion for that technology – leaves companies with severe challenges in protecting (think: backing up) that data. Consider the TCO advantages of this approach.

Weekend or not, did you sleep well last night? Or were you StoreOnce Recovery Mnanger Central Blog.jpglying awake wondering whether you would be able to recover your data in the case of a system failure?

The question sounds simple but is actually fairly hard to answer for most environments. This statement is based on my experience from many years of consulting. Honestly, who really keeps track of everything that is going on in your IT environment? And measures and tracks how backup is keeping pace? Let’s face it, data protection is typically an afterthought.

HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central is a new methodology of backing up/restoring data. It eliminates most of the issues that organizations face today around data protection because it’s:

  • Dramatically faster than traditional backup methodologies as it leverages HPE 3PAR StoreServ snapdiff technology and shortens the data path from your primary array (3PAR) to your nearline storage (StoreOnce)
  • Easier to configure and use as it autonomously parallelizes backup streams (something hard to configure in traditional backup environments)
  • Considerably reduces cost as RMC comes with a flat license

Now, let’s be realistic: RMC brings great advantages but it is in no position to replace existing backup ISVs for all data types and environments. But its advantages are compelling enough to seriously look at where it fits in your environment. Let’s look at the financial aspect of introducing a hybrid solution (ISV + RMC) in your environment. As backup environments differ widely, we will assume a “typical” environment for this simplified study:

  • A primary array with 100TB usable capacity
  • Data type split: 50TB enterprise DBs like Oracle/SQL, 20TB VMs, 30TB file system data
    (1000+ backup environment assessments performed by HPE show that the above ratios are realistic)
  • Assuming 40% growth Y/Y for the VM and file system data; and 15% growth for the enterprise DBs
  • A backup ISV license cost of US$1,2600/TB/year with a 5% backup ISV price erosion per year

Let’s do the math and see how much data we need to protect over a 5-year period: 



That will be 373TB of primary array data and – due to different growth rates – the majority of data will be either File System and/or VM type data. Sound right?

So given the above cost/TB for traditional backup ISVs (industry average) how much would this amount to over a 5-year period:



That’s about US$1,200,000. Sounds substantial enough to me to be interested in how to cut the cost – while reaping other benefits as well.

As I mentioned, RMC does not replace a traditional backup ISV for all environments. But those file system and virtual machine backups are an ideal target. Why? They are the main culprits for long backup windows, sprawl and dramatic growth. So let’s look at the costs of a hybrid approach where a backup ISV is being used to protect traditional data types and RMC protects FS/VM-type data:



That’s US$420,000 in our scenario. This translates to about $800,000 in license cost savings alone over a 5-year period. Do I have your interest now? Here is the complete table:



And a graphic for the more visually inclined:


Of course, the above is a sample environment. Your mileage may vary – as they say. But RMC is too good and drives to many benefits to simply ignore it.

One last thing: if you are thinking about replacing your primary array storage, seriously consider 3PAR, which when combined with StoreOnce can drive some impressive TCO benefits.

Interested to learn more?

Please contact HPE for your TCO analysis. Or head here:

HPE StoreOnce Data Protection

HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central

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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Tilman Walker, Manager Technical Marketing Engineering, HPE Storage.


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