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Shipping now! HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

Making things easier for virtualized businesses: It's HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, delivering the simplicity of HCI with the flexibility of converged

In June, HPE introduced an industry first, a disaggregated HCI platform, powered with artificial intelligence, that delivers the HPE Nimble Storage dHCI-blog.jpgultimate simplicity and flexibility for virtualized businesses. I’m excited to let you know that HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is now shipping and will soon be available worldwide.

The lead-up to this day has been pretty fun to watch—with everything from industry debate and controversy (“It can’t be so!”) to competitive take-out wins and skyrocketing demand. It’s really not a surprise as HPE Nimble Storage dHCI has flipped convention on its head, challenging architectural paradigms, with breakthrough innovation that brings the best of two different worlds together.

Huh “d…HCI”? An oxymoron or a dream?

Over the past decade, hyperconverged infrastructure has seen tremendous growth. Its architecture aggregates compute, storage, and virtualization resources across a scale-out cluster of x86 nodes. More importantly, compared to converged systems with 3-tier architectures, HCI brings with it an experience that makes full-stack infrastructure very simple to deploy, manage, and scale. Where converged requires siloed management and specialized experts, HCI makes life easy for VM administrators with everything VM-centric, automation galore, and centralized management.

But, where one gains immense simplicity, some flexibility is given up in how resources scale. Because with HCI, storage services share the same CPU as the application, so more capacity requires more compute (with more hypervisor tax) and more compute has to bring more capacity. This has made it hard for IT to decide whether to stay with a 3-tier architecture for the flexibility to disaggregate resources or go with HCI for simplicity. 

Now there’s a solution. A dream come true. It’s called HPE Nimble Storage dHCI.

Wait—disaggregate an aggregated architecture? You betcha

I know it might sound crazy, but crazy is just disbelief based on the understanding of the past. Crazy is the opportunity to reset expectations with a new approach that challenges convention. Just think about it.

HCI is an ideal architecture for workloads with predictable growth, where the ease of adding nodes at scale and growing compute and storage together drives operational efficiencies. But for those who need the flexibility of converged for workloads with unpredictable growth, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI gives them the hyperconverged experience.

Simplicity of HCI with the flexibility of converged 

 So, what is HPE Nimble Storage dHCI and why’s it special? This platform combines HPE ProLiant Servers with HPE Nimble Storage for effortless VM management on a flexible architecture. It’s simple to deploy, simple manage, simple to scale, and simple to support. It integrates hyperconverged control through the dHCI Automation Software, making it easy for anyone to stand up full-stack infrastructure from rack-to-apps in less than 15 minutes.  (ESG did it in 12)

Preinstalled with ESXi on each HPE ProLiant Server and with the dHCI Automation Software inside the Nimble Storage OS, this platform is managed exclusively through vCenter with per-VM policies and data services. There’s no separate software to install or manage. No extra appliances with data management built-in. There’s awesome performance, resiliency, and data efficiency. And with industry-leading VVols integration and support, there are no LUNs to manage just like in HCI. 

Intelligence is the key for day 2 and beyond

Every HCI solution accelerates time-to-market and simplifies management. But the big challenge facing every VM administrator is staying ahead and not being held back by fighting fires, dealing with application disruptions, and manually tuning infrastructure. Day 2 and beyond is what starves enterprise agility—and it’s a problem bigger than any architecture. This is where AI comes in.

Uniquely, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is powered with the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, HPE InfoSight. For the past decade, HPE InfoSight has analyzed over 1,250 trillion data points from our global installed base and saved our customers over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity. And HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is natively integrated with HPE InfoSight for AI-driven intelligence from storage to VMs. This enables the platform to run on auto-pilot so VM administrators can focus on apps and value, not infrastructure. 

It starts today

I’m excited for our customers, their road ahead, and the new opportunities this platform creates for them. There’s now a platform that brings the best of HCI and converged together—a platform that disaggregates HCI while preserving its experience.

Check out this video to see what life can be like with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI.

David Wang
Director, Product Marketing, HPE Storage
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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