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Simple is beautiful: HP OneView for vCenter


JB.jpgBy Jessica Burton, Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage


One of my biggest pet peeves is when something simple is made overly complex. Has this ever happened to you? Just the other day, my dentist overcharged me for a cleaning appointment and presented me with a three-page bill that included my Explanation of Benefits. Their “explanations” were murky at best and after much scrutiny I found items that shouldn’t have been included. Perhaps they hoped I would become overwhelmed and just move on with a clear distaste in my mouth from a costly visit. They got one thing right—I will be moving on…without them. 


I feel the same way about overly complicated storage management software. Day-to-day management procedures should not raise your blood pressure. 


OneView for VMware vCenter makes storage deployment and management easy

OV4VC_menu.JPGHP OneView for VMware vCenter (OV4VC) extracts the complexity out of your virtualized infrastructure and presents devices and data in a powerfully simple user interface. Virtual machines and their associated storage are displayed in a straightforward dashboard, which includes a health check screen to keep you on top of routine maintenance.


We’ve taken the hassle out of configuring IPs, storage, servers and networking for your VMware virtualized environment. And we’ve made it faster, too. Need shared storage now? HP StoreVirtual VSA is integrated into the OV4VC tool allowing you to deploy storage instantly within your virtualized server infrastructure.


OV4VC is all about simplicity, which means you no longer have to be a storage expert to easily manage OV4VC.JPGstorage. For example:

  • Creating a data store is only a click away with the guidance of a simple wizard
  • Finding which VM is located on which storage device is as easy as clicking on the VMs-to-Volumes Overview graph
  • Identifying your networking configuration is straightforward in a simple graphic that also displays the capacity for all configured arrays, volume capacity for all data stores, and deduplication savings with your HP 3PAR StoreServ storage


Best of all, OV4VC is free to download, a concept everybody can appreciate, except maybe my ex-dentist. Don’t just accept complexity. Simple is beautiful.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An old video no longer available and links to were removed. Here is a Google Search link with the latest. 

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I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.