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Simplify Your Operations with Secondary Flash



Looking to simplify your IT?  (And who isn't?) Start here using the latest in Secondary Flash technology to simplify your data backup infrastructure.

Nimble_Secondary Flash Array_blog.jpgLooking through the news, you see that people want to simplify everything from menus to “charging cord chaos” to the tax code… and there’s good reason. Making things simpler typically means making them faster, cheaper and easier. It’s the same with your data backup infrastructure.

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array (SFA) represents a new type of data storage optimized for both Capacity and Performance. It adds high-performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized storage architecture for a unique backup platform that lets you put your backup data to work. The SFA is the world’s only secondary storage device that combines fast flash performance, with always-on inline data deduplication to maximize effective capacity, along with predictive analytics that deliver the highest levels of uptime and manageability achieved in this class of storage. 

Simplify your operations

We’re seeing customers making infrastructure purchase decisions very much in order to simplify how they run their IT. One customer recently bought the SFA because they had standardized on Nimble storage, and were now able to also use Nimble as a backup platform behind their Nimble primary storage.

Another aspect of simplification is reducing what you have. With the SFA, customers are converging their infrastructure, i.e. reducing footprint by combining backup, Disaster Recovery, and secondary workloads onto fewer systems.  Another customer replaced their Data Domain appliance with an SFA because they were able to get multiple uses out of the one SFA system. Thanks to the economics of data reduction plus flash performance they could perform both backup and secondary storage tasks together, without siloed, single-use appliances.

Together is better—and simpler

Tight integration with Veeam Backup & Replication has been cited as the #1 reason why customers are buying the new SFA. The ability to access and manage array-based snapshots through the Veeam interface lets backup admins get the benefits of offload processing, without having to become experts in the storage system. It streamlines backup workflows and better assures data protection. 

The flash-enabled power of the SFA is actually improving the ability to do data backup and recovery. With Veeam running on the SFA, you can create faster synthetic full backups – a great feature but one that can take hours to run. But with the SFA the time it takes to consolidate incremental backups into a synthetic full is reduced from hours to minutes. Also, the SFA is letting backup admins more frequently run backup verifications, known as SureBackup in Veeam. Today testing VM recoverability happens typically 5% of the time because of the resource intensity. But with the SFA you can confidently schedule more frequent testing of your VM backups—improving your business continuity and giving yourself greater peace of mind. 

A recent blog written by a technical evangelist at Veeam Software tells how to benefit from the new Nimble Secondary Flash array.

Learn more about SFA

Protecting your data and doing real IT work just got faster, cheaper and easier. Learn more about the new Nimble Secondary Flash Array and see why customers are buying it—not just to improve their data protection, but also to make their lives simpler.

The new Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array web page is now live on the website. Check it out!



 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Mike Harding, Nimble/HPE Product & Solution Marketing.

Mike launches new solutions and products at Nimble Storage, an HPE company.  Before that he was leading marketing for the NetApp Converged Infrastructure effort, including the multi-billion dollar FlexPod solution. Prior to NetApp he worked in Product Management and Marketing at Brocade Communications (now Broadcom), covering Data Center Networking, Cloud, Fabric Applications and File Virtualization. Mike has more than 25 years of marketing experience, having led Product Marketing efforts at VERITAS/Symantec, Solid Data Systems, Qlusters, Commtouch Software, Critical Path and EDS/HP. Michael earned a degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, and an M.B.A. from Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Mike is passionate about bringing new tech products to market and tweets regularly under the handle @mhardi01.




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