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Simplify on-premises infrastructure operations by automating complex tasks with HPE OneView

Wouldn’t you like to simplify on-premises infrastructure operations by automating complex tasks with software? HPE announces expanded support for HPE Storage and Compute modules with HPE OneView. HPE OneView now integrates with all HPE Primera models and provides managed support for ProLiant DX modules.

HPE OneView simplifies on-premises infrastructure operations_blog_694482811.jpgUp until today, that’s only been a dream of IT administrators. Now the storage and networking admin can provision resources once by importing them into HPE OneView. This means that they can now build according to best practices, by asking a simple question. For example: How many VLANS are needed for production, backup, and maintenance? Then the admin can provision the storage needed from the imported array in HPE OneView. 

HPE OneView is the foundation of today’s software-defined infrastructure, helping IT administrators deploy infrastructure faster, and simplify lifecycle operations while increasing productivity. HPE OneView integration provides automated provisioning, fibre channel data path configuration, and SAN auto-zoning with HPE Primera storage modules. And, by integrating with preferred storage platforms such as HPE Primera, IT admins can automate the provisioning of SAN zoning and storage boot or data volumes in just a few clicks, freeing up time to deliver key IT projects and outcomes.

HPE recently announced combined intelligence and composability that integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning driven HPE Primera storage platform with the composability in HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack. Altogether, it’s a unique approach that advances the cloud experience from intelligent infrastructure for any workload so that our customers can accelerate time to market, ensure their applications are always fast, and grow without boundaries.

Manage HPE Primera and HPE Synergy together with HPE OneView. You can download the latest version here.

Want to know more? Read the full article @ HPE OneView extends HPE Storage and Compute portfolio integrations .

Watch this video to learn how HPE delivers intelligent, composable infrastructures with HPE Primera, Synergy, InfoSight, and OneView from Malcolm Ferguson, HPE Hybrid Cloud Chief Technologist.

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