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Simplifying backup management with Federated Catalyst

Ashwin2J.jpgBy Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


Last week, we looked at some of the unique differentiators of StoreOnce Federated Deduplication technology. One of the key components in HP’s Federated Deduplication Architecture is the StoreOnce Catalyst that enables deduplication any way and anywhere, rather than specific points on the network. You can find more details on StoreOnce Catalyst in our previous post talking about fast backup with more flexibility and choice.


This week, let’s look at the benefits of another unique offering from HP: Federated Catalyst. This new technology was introduced in June at HP Discover. It's all about simplifying backup administration.


What is Federated Catalyst?

Federated Catalyst is an extension of the StoreOnce Catalyst software architecture. It reduces data protection complexity issues caused when numerous backup stores are run across multiple nodes. Federated Catalyst allows your enterprise to deploy several StoreOnce 6500 couplets, each of which may have several backup stores and manage them all as a single store of data. The software allows IT administrators to pool the capacities of multiple storage nodes. Initially four StoreOnce 6500 nodes appear as one large data store. Within that pool, an IT administrator can scale by adding more nodes or capacity to the existing store.




Federated Catalyst extends data deduplication across the entire data store. for example, a single Federated Catalyst store—with 860 TB of usable capacity and assuming a 20:1 deduplication ratio—would protect up to 17 PB of logical backup capacity.


Along with this, HP StoreOnce deduplication enables network efficient offsite data replication. StoreOnce-enabled replication allows cost-effective centralized backup from remote sites or branch offices, and delivers a consolidated disaster recovery solution for the data center. Multiple StoreOnce appliances and virtual machines can replicate to a central StoreOnce appliance—with a fan-in of up to 384 remote offices to a single HP StoreOnce 6500 target to deliver greater economies of scale for disaster recovery.


Federated Catalyst has innovative features like adaptive bidding and adaptive routing that rely on workload–aware analytics to ensure automatic load balancing. This means that the data is stored in the most optimal physical location to maximize utilization and backup and restore performance. Federated Catalyst technology is designed to support aggregation across devices and even hybrid cloud environments, simplifying complex data protection requirements—without the need for any added manual system administration.


And the benefits?

With Federated Catalyst, the HP StoreOnce Backup solution reduces your organization’s management overhead by eliminating physical mapping of backup jobs to individual backup appliance. This helps your IT administrators to focus more on higher value IT projects—and worry less about complexity issues when dealing with numerous backup stores in your data centers. The benefits of Federated Catalyst include:

  • Less storage pools to manage within the backup application
  • Less manual routing of particular backups to particular Catalyst stores
  • 75% easier to configure and manage
  • 4x larger capacity per backup store
  • Accessibility to all usable space within a cluster
  • Optimized backup and restore performance due to automatic load balancing
  • Support of high-end resiliency features like failover and autonomic failover

Traditional backup solutions available today are usually based around a single controller or node. If that controller fails then backup and restore has been lost until the controller is repaired or replaced. Thanks to the unique capabilities of the StoreOnce 6500 as pairs of controllers, if a single controller fails then the other one takes over the backup process.  


With the introduction of Federated Catalyst in the StoreOnce Backup Family, HP is now able to perform deduplication across four StoreOnce 6500 controllers, i.e. the multi-node scale out backup system offers multi node system wide deduplication. In short, HP offers enterprise customers a smarter and simpler approach to protect their data with StoreOnce Backup.


Watch and learn more about HP StoreOnce

To learn more about Federated Catalyst, you can check out this ChalkTalk.



Also hear from Patrick Osborne, Senior Director Product Marketing, Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA), HP Storage, explain Federated Catalyst at this summer’s HP Discover event.

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Is it possible to convert an regular catalyst store to a Federated Catalyst store? Do the existing catalyst stores need to be at version 1 or 2 to migrate it to a federated catalyst store? (Some of my older catalyst stores indicate they are version1 whereas my newer stores indicated Version 2.


If so, what is that process? Perhaps a white paper on it will suffce.


Please advise...


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