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HPE Hybrid Cloud_annc_blog.jpgThe HPE Storage data protection and recovery solutions are as compelling as any in the industry. HPE StoreOnce competes very well both on cost ($/TB) and performance with the industry leader. Today, HPE StoreOnce gets better with the next-generation platform and flexible native cloud integration.

The data protection and recovery portfolio has come a long way since we launched our first disk-based deduplication appliance over 10 years ago. Let's look at what we announced today. 

  • Next generation of HPE StoreOnce backup appliance portfolio, which provides flash speed data protection in the data center and cost-efficient archive and disaster recovery in the cloud
  • HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) 6.0, now extending integrated data protection and copy data management to not only HPE 3PAR but also HPE Nimble Storage
  • Commvault software integration with HPE StoreOnce, enabling seamless backup to the cloud. Commvault joins MicroFocus (formerly HPE Software), Veeam, and Veritas to support the StoreOnce API, StoreOnce CatalystNext generation of HPE StoreOnce Backup.png
  • HPE GreenLake Backup-as-a-Service enhanced with next-generation StoreOnce and Commvault software integration

Next generation of HPE StoreOnce

I'll limit what I say here because we'll have blog posts this week from the product team that dive into new new StoreOnce portfolio. If you look at the image of the new products, you might guess they look suspiciously like HPE ProLiant Gen 10. That would be a good guess. Click on the image to see a larger version. 

If you want to get a head start on a bit more details, check out my new StoreOnce Chalk Talk

Storage-integrated data protection and copy data management with RMC

That subtitle is a mouthful but every word of it is needed to accurately describe Recovery Manager Central 6.0. The new RMC 6.0, which will be available later in 2018, allows 3PAR and now HPE Nimble Storage customers to protect more data at all-flash speeds for less with storage-integrated backup and copy data management. RMC 6.0 delivers a less complex, centralized copy data management option for HPE arrays that helps minimize secondary data sprawl across use cases such as multi-tier data protection, space efficient test/dev, analytics and reporting. And it gives you a simple cloud backup for long-term retention, archive, and disaster recovery. 

RMC Summary.png

1for VMware environments compared to traditional backup environments

I give Simon Watkins, our RMC marketing manager, a hard time because we've been announcing new versions of RMC in what seems like about twice a year. And each one brings new features that I feel compelled to do a new Chalk Talk - and each Chalk Talk takes a considerable amont of time. And since I didn't want to disappoint Simon (he's a good guy!), here's my new RMC 6.0 Chalk Talk

Go deeper on our data protection for hybrid cloud news

We'll have additional articles this week looking at StoreOnce, RMC, and the new Commvault integration. Whenever we have storage news, we use the label "Storage News" so you can easily find the articles. So either click on the label at the bottom of the article or click here to see our Storage News articles. Note we've been using this for a several announcements so the latest blogs will be at the top of the page. 

I said I'd add links to the other articles on the announcement. Here are the first two, both from Simon Watkins:

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Here are the press articles that featured our announcement. 

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