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Snapshots: The Values of Virtual Copy



HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy is a 3PAR availability feature created with critical business applications in mind. See how virtual snapshots work, catch a customer story and read Demartek’s recent white paper on Virtual Copy.

3PAR Virtual Copy_snapshots_blog.jpgIt comes as no surprise that we’re creating more digital content and, therefore, more data. In your data center, you’re likely deploying all-flash systems to manage this data because your business applications need the performance and resiliency that flash brings.  

 It almost goes without saying that at more than 3M IOPs with < 1 ms latency, the HPE 3PAR portfolio delivers performance. But just as important, it also delivers resiliency to protect your apps and data. That’s why I want to focus on a fundamental piece of the 3PAR resiliency story: 3PAR Virtual Copy software.  As part of the new 3PAR all-inclusive software license, you get the benefits of Virtual Copy’s reservationless snapshot technology at no extra cost. 

 HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy is one of the 3PAR availability features created with your critical business applications in mind. A snapshot, like a photograph, is a copy created at a specific point-in-time. Snapshots allow you to efficiently protect application data by minimizing the amount of physical capacity that copies of data actually consume. These snapshots are highly flexible, and users can make hundreds of snapshots per base volume, which can all be archived online efficiently. 

HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy snapshots are thin, efficient—and ready

The autonomic space reclamation capability frees up any unused space following snapshot deletions to maintain efficiency utilization over time. 3PAR snapshots are “thin” in that there is no need to create a separate capacity pool. This alleviates both the problem of capacity waste due to over-allocation and snapshot failure due to inefficient space. 

3PAR snapshots are promotable, so that you can take any snapshot associated with a base volume and “promote” it to another base volume, simply and quickly. This means you can rapidly synchronize the original base volume to any associated snapshot, essentially “rolling” it back to a previous point in time.

3PAR Recovery Manager Central (RMC) leverages 3PAR Virtual Copy Software to create fast, non-disruptive application consistent snapshots for VMware vSphere and Microsoft applications running on a VMware VM, as well as for MS SQL, Oracle and SAP HANA databases running on physical servers. These snapshots can be backed up directly to a StoreOnce system using RMC Express Protect, delivering 23x faster backup with no impact on the application server and lowering cost and complexity by eliminating the need for a backup application.

Check out this video to see the benefits of 3PAR Flash-Integrated Data Protection with RMC.

Customer story: Fashion in faster time to market with HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy

Stella & Dot, a rapidly growing online fashion company, implemented HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-flash to ensure reliability and high performance for its 30,000 users.  The development team of Stella & Dot took advantage of HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy snapshots to get competitive new e-commerce features and products to market quickly.

“HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software allows the IT staff to create a production snapshot for development for testing in under two hours, versus a day and a half using previous methods,” stresses Nate Amsden, principle systems engineer. “The software automates a 250-step process and also saves significantly on I/O. We’ve upped our release schedule to more than twice a week, and we’re considering daily releases in the future. This helps us stay competitive and keeps our independent business owners well informed, which translates directly into higher sales revenue, and higher customer satisfaction.”

“HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software allows the IT staff to create a production snapshot for development for testing in under two hours, versus a day and a half using previous method." -Nate Amsden, principle systems engineer, Stella & Dot

Snapshots and performance: no compromise

Third-party analyst Demartek recently released a white paper describing how 3PAR Virtual Copy along with 3PAR Virtual Domains and 3PAR Priority Optimization can be used to simplify administrative functions and reduce the operational expense of 3PAR StoreServ.

By evaluating the business advantages of creating snapshots, Demartek found that the 3PAR Virtual Copy feature creates multiple point-in-time copies of virtual volumes with no measureable performance impact on active storage I/O. This means that you can deliver more IOPS, bandwidth, and workloads at the same time without impacting the performance of your business-critical applications. 

Demartek advises that “storage architects, administrators, and data center managers to consider the value-add of [3PAR Virtual Copy, 3PAR Domains and 3PAR Priority Optimization] when considering future storage system investments or strategies to get more out of already deployed HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 series systems. To do otherwise, risks leaving valuable cost saving opportunities and system performance on the table.”

Learn more about 3PAR Virtual Copy

Read the HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy technical white paper.

Check out the blog on the The Hottest Release Yet: RMC 4.0 Now Available for Flash-Integrated Data Protection.

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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Salil Gokhale, Product Manager, HPE Storage.




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