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Some HP Discover love for HP StoreVirtual and software-defined storage


CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vexpert 2012 logo.gif

With all the announcements around HP 3PAR StoreServ, StoreOnce, and StoreAll at HP Discover I didn't want HP StoreVirtual and software-defined storage (SDS) to get lost in all the other news so today I have a few things around StoreVirtual and SDS to share with you. 



That said, it's not like StoreVirtual hasn't had a ton of enhancements over the last year.  We've rolled out a new version of the LeftHand OS that included sub-LUN tiering (we call it Adaptive Optimization), and we've rolled the entire hardware family to ProLiant Gen 8.  Be sure to checkout that link I gave - there's a podcast I did with the product team that I'm listening to now and it is really good information about LeftHand OS 11.0.  And if you watch this video with Kate Davis getting interviewed by Jake Ludington at HP Discover, she snuck some other news in.



The other relevant bit around HP StoreVirtual that I wanted to share with you is a white paper.  My HP Storage team in Italy wanted a white paper that gave an simple overview of HP StoreVirtual VSA in Italian.  They were talking to blogger Enrico Signoretti and I stepped in because I thought a paper like that in English would be a good overview.  I mentioned the blog post Enrico did in an HP Discover blogger recap I did yesterday.  His blog is titled Report: A hyper-converged infrastructure for the rest of us from HP (there's an Italian language version as well). 

I mentioned the white paper Enrico wrote - he calls it a Down to Earth Report and I have it here for you.  The team in HP Italy got Enrico an HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server and other hardware.  In the paper, Enrico discusses the hardware he used, the testing he did and the results of his testing.  So checkout the paper!  Enrico told me he's working on an Italian version of the paper so watch for that on his Italian-language website.



Lastly, I did a short video with my boss, Brad Parks (he manages our Go-To-Market Strategy team).  I had the unique opportunity to put my boss on the hot seat and have him answer my questions.  Here's that video and with that I conclude my "giving some love" to StoreVirtual and software-defined storage.



Hope you get to enjoy some time off over the Christmas and New Year holidays and you have time to watch all the great HP Discover content I have here!



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I have worked at HP and now HPE since 1983, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.



thank you for the shout out!!!!


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.



This blog and all information you shared is very much informative and video is very helpful for me in my work, thanks for sharing such a nice info with us.

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