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Sophia Conseil consolidates storage infrastructure with HPE SDS


arrows_ATSB_shutterstock_232240270_09Oct.jpgWhen your storage infrastructure is no longer fast enough or flexible enough to handle day-to-day business, it’s time for an overhaul. And if you run a service business – especially one that involves coming up with innovative technological solutions which you develop and store on a variety of networked servers and storage devices – it’s extra important to have a reliable infrastructure.


In an annual review, Sophia Conseil took a long hard look at their environment and realized the time had come. A service company specializing in R&D, innovation and engineering, Sophia Conseil had an aging storage infrastructure that needed, well, everything. This service company chose a software-defined solution, and it came together a lot quicker than they expected. Plus, the IT team didn’t have to rip out all of the old stuff – they tossed some of it, repurposed what they could, and integrated the rest.


Now the company has a modern, modular system with room to grow.

Find out what their head of systems and networks had to say about the transformation.  

Sophia Conseil opts for virtualized server storage - Check out the Case Study


By Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HPE Storage



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I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.

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