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Spotlight on HPE InfoSight at HPE Discover Madrid 2017



At HPE Discover, businesses saw firsthand how HPE InfoSight is making infrastructure autonomous, demonstrated with HPE’s Predictive Flash Storage.

InfoSight_HPE Discover_blog.jpgEvery IT professional remembers the call that came late at night or over the weekend that something went wrong. The call that made your blood boil. The call that comes all too often. You see, dealing with unexpected issues has always been a painful, unavoidable consequence of complex infrastructure…until now. 

At HPE Discover Madrid, businesses saw firsthand how HPE InfoSight, artificial intelligence (AI) for the data center, eliminates disruptions and wasted time. After hearing how HPE InfoSight predicts and prevents issues and transforms the support experience, the insurmountable weight of infrastructure management was lifted, followed by tapas and vino into the night!

Predictive Flash Storage, powered by HPE InfoSight

As you evaluate enterprise storage systems, it’s time to rethink what’s really important and who can deliver what you need. Speed is a given as everyone has flash.  But only HPE brings an end to the fire-fighting and headaches with Predictive Flash Storage, powered by HPE InfoSight. Predictive Flash Storage means you deal with fewer issues and finally get your time back.

The enthusiasm for HPE’s Predictive Flash Storage was non-stop the second the doors opened. Conversations were engaging and long lines formed with everyone eager to learn about the latest HPE InfoSight advancements for HPE Nimble Storage and 3PAR.Nimble Storage_HPE Discover.jpg

AI recommendation engine, paving the path for autonomous

We were excited to showcase the industry’s first AI recommendation engine, which is generally available for HPE Nimble Storage. Building on its predictive capabilities, HPE InfoSight now preemptively tells you how to prevent issues, improve performance, and get more out of your resources.

Looking at performance, you expect reliable and fast performance for all your apps, no matter what you throw at your storage system. But the reality is that ensuring performance is a painful ordeal.  First, it’s reactive, with problems coming up that have to be addressed. Second, it’s time-consuming, because there’s not enough data to understand why a problem came up (and even less time to resolve it).

But with HPE InfoSight and its AI recommendation engine, this pain is eliminated completely. Through advanced machine learning, our engine predicts performance issues, accurately diagnoses the cause, and provides the right recommendation to improve performance. There’s no need to interpret logs and graphs or to troubleshoot anymore. The AI recommendation engine takes away the guesswork and optimizes performance and resources.

Here is a screen shot from the HPE InfoSight cloud portal. Let’s go through how it works: HPE InfoSight Cloud Portal.jpg

  1. After selecting a few customer-defined inputs, HPE InfoSight provides a system status for your environment. In this example, there’s elevated random read/write latency.
  2. If HPE InfoSight deems the system status to be leading indication of an issue, it follows with an accurate diagnosis that shows you exactly what’s causing it. No guesswork, no graphs needed.
  1. This diagnosis is not trivial as there can be any number of issues that cause, in this example, random read/write latency. HPE InfoSight uses machine learning to recognize patterns in the I/O for every application and workload and classify the cause for even the most complex and unique problems.
  1. Recommendations presented are tailored for you and prioritized based on your resources and workloads. As you can see here, due to CPU saturation, our primary recommendation is to apply a QoS limit on high CPU consuming volumes. Well, which one is that?  Scrolling down, you will see all your volumes ranked by CPU usage. (“Ah. So simple!”)

The HPE InfoSight AI recommendation engine is breakthrough technology as it makes accurate decisions today that in the future can be applied automatically for our customers.

That’s what I call autonomous!

HPE InfoSight for 3PAR, extending predictive across HPE

HPE InfoSight has clearly been game-changing for our customers, driving down IT OpEx by 79% and helping deliver over 6-9s of proven and guaranteed availability across the HPE Nimble Storage installed base. And that’s why we are taking HPE InfoSight across HPE’s entire Hybrid IT portfolio, starting with 3PAR.

Check out this video to hear how we were able to bring HPE InfoSight to 3PAR so quickly.

Customers flooded our booth and were lined up to see what’s available with the first release of HPE InfoSight for 3PAR. The first release gives all 3PAR customers a new cloud portal that provides performance trending, capacity predictions and cross-stack analytics that sees beyond storage.

Why is seeing beyond storage important?  Because resolving issues in complex, virtualized environments is hard and often involves blood, sweat and tears (and the occasional obscene hand gesture in IT departments).

The cross-stack analytics available for 3PAR saves businesses tremendous time by pinpointing bottlenecks between storage and VMs. No more pulling logs, no more stitching graphs together, and no more blame game. 

Morten Nyhuus-Eriksen, Department Manager, Storage & Backup, at Basefarm, summed it up perfectly on stage, saying:

“Finally, we can say…it’s not storage, of course, it’s always something else. But this time we can say ‘this VM is causing your problem.'"

Closing with the New Year’s resolution it pays to keep!

This time every year, we reflect on the past twelve months and decide what we’re going to do differently in the new year. We look back and ask ourselves: What did we not like? And what are we going to do about it?

If you’re tired of dealing with the hassles of managing storage and want a simpler, self-managing experience, then I have one resolution for you that will forever change your life. Make Predictive Flash Storage a Must-Have.  Happy New Year!


David Wang HPE Nimble Storage.jpeg

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger David Wang, Director of Product Marketing, HPE Storage.




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