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Still better together: HP StoreOnce Disk and HP StoreEver Tape


By Anirudh S Srinivasan, WW Product Manager, HP Storage


8.jpgLast week in our BURA Sunday blog, Keep calm! HP has got your data covered, I talked about our ability to protect your data with our wide variety of technologies and a broad product portfolio. I also looked at the importance of a tiered data protection strategy using a combination of snapshots, replication, disk-based backup with data deduplication and tape-based data protection—depending on your RPO/RTO objectives and/or type of data. This week, I’m focusing on a subset of this strategy: the choice around disk-based and tape-based data protection.


The ongoing disk/tape debate

Analysts, vendors and customers continue to debate endlessly about whether disk or tape is the better solution for data protection. Some customers are moving away from tape as the primary medium for backup and recovery. And over the last five years, disk-based backup products such as HP StoreOnce Backup have increased in popularity due to greater storage efficiency with data deduplication and greater flexibility with deduplication-enabled replication. And the inherent random access performance of disk-based products delivers faster file access times. When the market for purpose-built backup appliances overtook the tape market couple of years ago, vendors without tape solutions obviously cheered and tried to make everyone believe that tape is dead.


On the contrary, the role of tape has been evolving during this period. Enhanced ease of use with the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) that facilitates drag-and-drop file management has revolutionized usage models for tape. Combined with tape’s lower cost of ownership for multi-year retention and dependable long-term data retention with nearly 30 years shelf life—the longest for any technology—tape has become the most cost effective way to protect large amounts of data for a long time. More and more organizations are using tape for long-term digital archiving as well as an offline, offsite disaster recovery medium.


Why we believe the choice between tape and disk is not an either/or question

Rather it is a matter of “when” and “how” to best use these technologies together as tape evolves to meet a broader set of needs that complement disk backup. A key aspect that determines this choice is the fact that the value of data changes over time. Studies have shown that more than 95% of data stored is rarely accessed beyond 90 days after creation. You could backup all your data to disk, but doing so would be quite expensive not only in terms of the hardware purchase cost, but also in terms of power and cooling related operational costs, not to mention physical real estate space occupied in the datacentre. It makes more sense to store data that requires fast retrieval on disk, while moving less frequently accessed data to a lower-cost tape tier in disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) architecture.




Data protection solutions that meet your needs

HP provides a wide range of disk and tape-based data protection solutions that allow you to match the access, retention and cost requirements of data with the right storage technology. HP StoreOnce Backup systems with StoreOnce Catalyst and Federated Deduplication offer a single, agile, efficient and secure backup/recovery solution from the ROBO to the enterprise. Users can implement a disk-based backup solution with HP StoreOnce for daily, short-term backups and as data on StoreOnce becomes infrequently or never accessed, it can be periodically migrated to HP StoreEver tape for disaster recovery and long-term retention. Most backup applications including HP Data Protector facilitate this automated migration of data from HP StoreOnce to HP StoreEver Tape, based on policies that you can set, centred on the likely access needs for that data.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: tape is not dead

Instead of declaring repeatedly that tape is dead, maybe vendors should embrace the storage hierarchy. Analysts report that tape remains a strategic backup element for more than 70% of enterprise customers.


It's the better together part - this is where it all adds up

The combination of HP StoreOnce Backup, StoreEver Tape and HP Data Protector Software offers a complete business protection solution that enables you to modernize and transform your backup infrastructure to meet data protection challenges in today’s IT environments.


Watch this video to learn more about the benefits that come from the combination of StoreOnce Disk and StoreEver Tape.


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For even more info, check out our product pages for more information.

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