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Summer winds down. StoreVirtual VSA ramps up - with new advanced storage functionality.


By Kate Davis, @KateAtHP, WW Product Marketing Manager, HP StoreVirtual Storage


KateDavis.jpgAaaahhh August. . .  It marks the end of summer vacation, kids back in school, the fun of VMworld, and our StoreVirtual VSA being another year older and more mature. VSA is now 6 years old. We’ve watched the appliance grow through integrations with VMware, Microsoft, OpenStack and Veeam—as well as develop its inherent capabilities of scale-out clustering, high availability, data mobility and disaster recovery.

Ever the proud parent. . . 

Today, there’s more to be proud of. We now announce the ability to adaptively optimize for unpredictable workloads. That’s right. . . StoreVirtual VSA has sub-volume auto-tiering!

 Adapting to workload changes manually is basically no fun: You need automation. Our Adaptive HP_StoreVirtual_VSA3.jpg
Optimization (AO) feature will automatically move blocks of data between two tiers based on access patterns. The workloads are closely monitored and data is relocated transparently between tiers within minutes.  (It’s such cool technology that multiple patents were submitted on the algorithms). And it’s easy: By default AO is turned on and all volumes on that cluster are able to make use of all storage tiers. If that’s not what you want, then volumes can be manually excluded from utilizing faster storage. For management purposes, the Performance Monitor in the StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console allows you to closely monitor the percentage of individual volumes on the tiers, how much performance each tier delivers and how much data is migrated between tiers.

 You can create tiers from any type of internal or external (direct-attached) storage such as SATA, MDL SAS, or SAS drives as well as Flash-based storage in SSDs or PCIe cards.  You can also add disks to servers, repurpose storage already deployed, or deploy new direct-attached storage. It even supports using existing external arrays, whether HP or 3rd party. Any storage that is visible to the hypervisor can be incorporated into a StoreVirtual VSA. That’s the beauty of using our leading Software-Defined Storage solution.  

So how do you get the AO feature?

Current VSA customers will gain the AO feature when they update to LeftHand OS 11.0, which will be available for download mid-October.

LeftHand OS 11.0, you say?

The next major release of the LeftHand OS that runs on all LeftHand and StoreVirtual platforms will be available for current customers to download in mid-October. In addition to AO for VSA, there is:

  • Simplified storage provisioning for Hyper-V virtual machines with SMI-S support for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)
  • Smarter updates with Online Upgrade enhancements to identify updates per management group as well as full support for HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers
  • Faster performance for command-line interface improves response times for provisioning and decommissioning of storage, and retrieving info about managements groups, volumes and clusters
  • Increased IO performance on VMware vSphere with support for ParaVirtualized SCSI Controller (PV SCSI) which provides more efficient CPU utilization on the host server
  • More control over application-managed snapshots for VMware and Microsoft administrators with quicker and simpler install and configuration process
  • Optimization of snapshot management to minimize the burden on the cluster when handling high-frequency snapshot schedules with long retention periods
  • Fibre Channel support for HP StoreVirtual Recovery Manager for servers with FC connectivity to StoreVirtual clusters can be used to recover files and folders from snapshots

Don't miss this chance to dive deeper on LeftHand OS 11.0 – Live Podcast on Thursday, Aug. 15th @ 3pm ET  Catch it here: 

But wait, there’s more…

On September 30, we will be releasing new capacity sized licenses for StoreVirtual VSA:

  • 4 TB license:  Ideal entry point for SMB or Enterprise ROBO environments and will be sold as a 3-pack (and will not have AO included and will be limited to a 3-node cluster)
  • 10 TB license:  Current capacity size makes it great for any type of environment.
  • 50 TB license:  Ideal for data center deployment with high capacity requirements.

Every license can be upgraded via a data-in-place upgrade to a larger capacity license. So as your data needs change your license can too. Just upgrade the license and add more disks; all of your data remains online. 

Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest software?

We have a couple of options for you. 

At VMworld: If you’ll be at VMworld in lovely San Francisco at the end of the month, you can take a test drive of the new features as well as try out our newest family member, StoreOnce VSA. You’ll find these demos as well as several others (such as our SDN offerings and Moonshot server) at the HP Software-Defined Experience Zone (booth #2235) in the Solutions Expo hall.

Controlled Release program: If you’re interested in trying it with any of your existing StoreVirtual appliances you can join our Controlled Release program. This program will allow you to get your hands on the production-ready LeftHand OS 11.0 and use the new features before anybody else does.  Register for the Controlled Release program today. 

Learn more now


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Hi Kate,


could you explain "Smarter updates with Online Upgrade enhancements to identify updates per management group" a bit more? What does it do exactly?


We're dying for the functionality to create patch baselines within the CMC. Like one can do with the VMware Update Manager. It would make our patching in DTAP-environments a lot easier.




Was this released on International Lefthander's Day? Cute.


@Greg - an amazing coincidence!  Really, we didn't plan it that way.  Smiley Wink

Hi Kate,


will be allowed to create bond of two or more virtual interfaces for higher performace in new StoreVirtual VSA version?






One of the Online Upgrade enhancements featured in this release focuses on downloading only the upgrades required for your management group. This has been a option in the past but has now been made a default. Downloads are managed and queued on a per management groups basis and as soon as the upgrades for one group have been downloaded, they can be applied without waiting for other download jobs to finish. Downloads can be faster with multi-thread downloading and if customers are in “dark sites”, they can force the CMC to download all files.


Thanks for your question, and your comment on patching has been taken back to engineering.



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