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Markus Leinonen is an avid enterprise technologist and YouTuber. I came across a video he had done talking about HPE SimpliVity about two years ago. After I watched it, I reached out to Markus and eventually got him invited to HPE Discover as a blogger. I recently had him on my podcast to talk about his enthusiasm for making the complicated simpler to understand and why he is a fan of HPE SimpliVity. I'll share the link to that original video at the end of this blog article. 

Watch the conversation as a vlog

Here's the conversation that Markus and I had as a YouTube video.

Listen or download the podcast

I'm updating the podcast link because as of October 2021, Around the IT Block is now an official HPE podcast. You can listen to the podcast here. 

There's a subscribe button on the player but it is missing the Stitcher link. Otherwise you can use it to subscribe to mypodcast. You can download this podast with Markus here as well.

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Here's what we talked about with links to that part of the conversation on YouTube:

  • 0:00 Introduction to vlog
  • 0:34 Introduce Markus Leinonen - why he started doing videos, introduction to Markus' YouTube channel
  • 3:45 How Calvin found Markus' videos, how did he get interested in HCI and specifically HPE SimpliVity
  • 8:45 dHCI and what Markus thought of it coming from his HCI/HPE SimpliVity perspective
  • 14:00 What’s new with SimpliVity v4.1 – what did Markus like most in the new release?
  • 16:35 Running containers on VMware discussion.
  • 18:11 Finding Markus' video installing HPE SimpliVity v4.1.0
  • 18:50 Integration with HPE SimpliVity and HPE Cloud Volumes Backup (URL to free trial of HPE Cloud Volumes trial)
  • 21:34 Future video plans with Markus
  • 23:00 Wrap-up

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Getting more from Markus

Here's where you can get more from Markus and a few links to some of the SimpliVity videos he has done. 

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