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TechTarget recognizes HPE as a finalist in enterprise and cloud storage categories

HPE Cloud Volumes and HPE Primera have been selected as finalists in TechTarget’s Storage Magazine and SearchStorage 2020 Product of the Year awards in the Cloud Storage and Disk and Disk Subsystems categories respectively.  This recognition reinforces how we’re transforming high-end storage with HPE Primera, and extending storage easily to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes.

HPE Cloud Volumes_HPE Primera_TechTarget_blog.pngIT agility and flexibility in the “new normal”

Across industries, we’ve the seen the pandemic challenging the world of business. Many organizations have had to face the realities of unpredictable storage demands while shifting to agile, as-a-service IT.  Agility and flexibility are must for IT today, and that demands a new set of criteria when evaluating storage.

With markets changing so quickly, our customers need to be able to adapt instantly. They can’t have their IT department bogged down tuning infrastructure when the business demands deployment for a newly remote workforce, or new services need to be spun up in support of critical initiatives. They rely on our technology to respond effectively to the current crisis, while simultaneously investing in IT infrastructure that can handle the shifting demands of an uncertain, rapidly changing marketplace.

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, and our products have been instrumental in giving the customers the IT agility and flexibility needed in this new normal. 

That’s why this recognition for both HPE Primera and HPE Cloud Volumes means so much. It validates our ongoing commitment to innovate by transforming high-end and cloud storage to support the changing needs of our customers.

Ensuring apps are always on, and always fast with autonomous operations

HPE Primera was named as a Finalist in the Disk and Disk Subsystems, with TechTarget recognizing the value of using machine learning and deep learning to provide self-optimization that reduces complexities and management burden on IT. 

HPE Primera does just that. 

Built with the agility of the cloud and powered by the intelligence of HPE InfoSight, HPE Primera delivers instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered-as-as-service. In fact, over 50% of customers set up their HPE Primera themselves. Plus, it’s backed by a 100% availability guarantee. IT teams no longer have to worry about managing storage, fighting fires, or dealing with downtime. They can focus on innovating instead.  

“Everything became easier after we deployed HPE Primera for our mission-critical workloads. We’ve enjoyed faster deployment, configuration, interaction, and ease of management. HPE Primera has been a real boost to our environment and enabled us to move with greater agility.”  Preventa Storage, IT Architect, Pleiades Tecnologia

Earlier last year we took intelligence to the next level – while raising the bar for the industry – by acting on intelligence and extending our cross-stack visibility. HPE Primera can now self-optimize system operations in real-time. Think of it as the industry’s first self-driving storage.

Extending data protection to the cloud, the right way

TechTarget has also recognized our innovation in cloud storage by naming HPE Cloud Volumes as a finalist. HPE Cloud Volumes is a suite of enterprise cloud data services that lets our customers move from managing their infrastructure to simply consuming it. Storage capacity in the cloud can be turned on in minutes, and integrates with existing data and/or backup workflows without having to ever initialize, configure, manage, or tune any physical or virtual infrastructure. It’s a true cloud service that provides seamless data mobility between public cloud and on-premises infrastructure – and it is available right from the comfort of your home office.

Last year we announced HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, an enterprise cloud backup service that allows you to instantly start backing up to the cloud – in minutes – without changing any of your existing workflows.  We’re breaking down the fragmented silos to make data protection simple, bringing you pay-as-you-protect economics and enabling you to activate your backup data anywhere to accelerate innovation.

Carteret County Public Schools turned to HPE Cloud Volumes when they needed high-performance storage and off-site data protection in an easy-to-manage solution. This was a critical need when it came to supporting their diverse educational initiatives while ensuring recovery in the event of site outages due to severe weather.

“We just point to Cloud Volumes as the replication target from within the solution,” Wes Rinehart of Carteret County School notes. “It’s completely seamless and gives us peace of mind that, if we were hit with a disaster, we could recover our most critical data.”

HPE Primera and HPE Cloud Volumes – Together for hybrid cloud

Customers can look to both HPE Primera and HPE Cloud Volumes for their hybrid cloud needs. With our recent innovations in both autonomous operations and cloud data protection, customers can deploy a hybrid cloud solution to address their IT flexibility and agility needs in this new world. HPE Primera gives our customers mission-critical storage with the agility of the cloud. And now, with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, customers can extend their data protection for HPE Primera to the cloud.

We’re humbled to be named finalists in TechTarget’s Storage Product of the Year awards, and look forward to continuing our innovation in both enterprise and cloud storage.

For more information, please check out this HPE Primera 8 minute demo.

Learn more about HPE Cloud Volumes and how you can try it out for free here.

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