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The 3PAR Architecture "Special Sauce" ChalkTalks


The 3PAR architecture - what makes it special? One of the most watched ChalkTalks I have is a very early one I did where I described what was different about the 3PAR architecture compared to legacy dual-controller and monolithic arrays.  I did that nearly 3 years ago. I've created a new version of it that I hope is half as popular as the original was. 

I have a vision for doing several more of these taking different 3PAR technical topics and breaking them down in my ChalkTalk style. My hope is to take the complex and get it down to what's most important and make it really easy to understand - because I am a simple man and appreciate simple explanations too! So to that end, I've done a second architecture ChalkTalk focusing on the 3PAR ASIC and Controller nodes.  This is also core to understanding 3PAR.

I haven't started the next one yet but I think it will focus on enhancements to 3PAR architecture specific to all-flash.  What other topics would you like to see me cover in this series of 3PAR architecture ChalkTalks?  Leave a comment, drop me an email, or let me know on Twitter.  


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