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The 3PAR OS evolution continues with HP 3PAR OS 3.2.2


Ivan.jpegBy Ivan Iannaccone, 3PAR StoreServ Product Management   @ivaniannaccone


With the introduction of the HP 3PAR StoreServ 20000 and 8000 family, we have also introduced a new version of the 3PAR OS. It’s got a ton of new functionality that’s great news if you’re an existing HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and 10000 customers. This 3PAR Thursday, let's take a close look at what’s in the new 3PAR OS release.


3PAR OS evolving

The past two years have brought four major releases bringing you new functionalities and higher performance while enabling new generations of arrays. Since all the models share the same HW and SW architecture, newer and older generation of arrays can run the same code base so existing owners of a 3PAR can enjoy new software functionalities (within the limits of the existing hardware specs…of course).



What’s new in 3.2.2?

We’ve added a lot of cool new features and functionalities to existing features in 3.2.2. For example, we increased the number of supported volumes on all platforms in order to accommodate the increase adoption of VMware VVOLs, along with higher scalability for our File capabilities. Existing features such as Adaptive Optimization and Adaptive Flash Cache have been improved to provide a superior performance experience and our Storage Quality of Service now allows setting SLAs as low as 0.5 milliseconds. Starting from 3.2.2 Peer Persistence will support Oracle RAC stretch-cluster on RHEL and Windows. Along with other smaller changes and tweaks, I want to call out a few that set us a part from the competition:

Since the last two topics have already been covered in other blogs, I’ll focus a little more on Storage Federation.


HP 3PAR Storage Federation

With Storage Federation, we refer to family of technology that enable transparent, non-disruptive, distributed resource management across self-governing, peer storage arrays. This peer-based approach allows simplicity and scale without compromise. Storage federation technologies are native functionality built into the HP 3PAR Operating System. This figure summarize the technologies that are part of HP 3PAR Storage Federation:


HP 3PAR Peer Motion and Online Import cater to a vast array of use cases for Asset Lifecycle Management and Technology refresh. These capabilities provide an elimination of costly professional services by providing a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach spanning from non-disruptive lifecycle asset management of legacy 3PAR systems using 3PAR Peer Motion, to, minimally to non-disruptive technology refresh for aging legacy Non-3PAR systems like EMC (VNX, CX4, VMAX), HDS Universal Storage Platforms systems, HP EVA Storage systems using 3PAR Online Import.


HP 3PAR federation technologies elevate data to newer, current hardware technologies—while avoiding the pain associated with “fork-lift” upgrades that require extensive planning and preparation (and may include such difficulties as application downtimes or other impactful events.) And unlike other technologies, 3PAR federation gives you the option to either repurpose your legacy arrays, extend their value through further federation or replication, or you can simply elect to retire them.


HP 3PAR Peer Motion in HP 3PAR OS 3.2.2



HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) 2.2, users will have the ability to create federations of 3PAR arrays and orchestrate any data moments in simple clicks!




Dig deeper

Want to know more?


Download the  HP 3PAR Architecture White Paper


And checkout this ChalkTalk for an overview of today's 3PAR StoreServ family:

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