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The Machine and an Update on Photonics

HPEStorageGuy on ‎12-16-2016 10:53 AM 3 weeks ago


Last year at Discover London, I spent time with my friend Martina Trucco diving into the Machine and Photonics. I wrote a post The Machine, Hewlett Packard Labs, and Me. In that post I had two videos. One was with Martina giving me an overview of The Machine. The other was a deep dive on Photonics and Universal Memory with Sagi Mathai, a labs.gifSystems Researcher in Labs.

That's the Past, Let's Talk About Today!

This year at Discover, there was a lot to talk coming from Labs so that's what I want to focus on. First up was a session we did with the bloggers. At every Discover, we've had our bloggers' lounge and we have "coffee talks" where we bring in experts from across HPE to talk to our guest bloggers. The first video I have is from the coffee talk we did with Labs giving an update on the Machine. Leading this session were three people from Hewlett Packard Labs:

  • Kirk Bresniker, Chief Architect for the Machine
  • Sharad Singhal, working on the software stack for the machine
  • Andrew Wheeler, VP and Deputy Director in Labs

Thanks to @geekazine Jeff Powers for capturing the coffee talk!

I also have a podcast of this you can download and listen to. Right click here to save the file. To subscribe to the podcast, open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture. If you don't use iTunes, you can find my podcast on  

Diving Back into Photonics

I was very interested to see what the progress has been around Photonics since last year. This year we had a demo of the X1 Photonic Module. I talked with Michael McBride who runs our Silicon Design Lab - this is one of the places where technology research from Labs gets turned into technology that HPE can use in products. Michael gave me a demo of the X1 Photonics. It was great to see the progress being made.

Read More on The Machine

There's a great series of posts on our "Behind the Scenes @ Labs" blog they've called "An Oral History of the Machine". They are definitely worth a read and I noticed that Labs used a couple of my videos in the series! 

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I'm Calvin Zito, a 33 year veteran in the IT industry and have worked in storage for 25 years. I am a six-time VMware vExpert. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, I've blogged for 8 years. You can find me on Twitter as @CalvinZito. If you don't follow me on Twitter, do it now! You can also contact me via email

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I have worked at HP and now HPE for 32 years, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.

Jean-Paul Kirschstein
on ‎01-28-2017 07:18 AM


I wish that The CEO or the board or people nearby would formulate and communicate a strategy not only from a technological, product development, core business or acquisition view, but as well from a holistic view. 

3 weeks ago

Jean-Paul - that exists and has for a while. Meg has talked about it at each Discover event. Since the announced spin/mergers of HPE Software and HPE Enterprise Services (which finalizes tomorrow), the most relevant Discover keynote to look for is one from this last Discover in London.  Here's a link to the Day 1 keynote on YouTube that if I remember correctly is the one to watch. 

I also have a blog post I did with the session we did with the bloggers that was focused on the HPE strategy. 

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