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The Storage Godfather and Veeam LinkedIn video chat


I had a blast doing a live (yup, we really were live) LinkedIn video with Dave Russell, VP of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam. We hit a range of topics. When Dave said it was time to wrap-up the video, I was shocked to see we had already talked for Veeam and HPE live video chat.jpgover 25 minutes. I think it was a good discussion and I really enjoyed it. 

Here's what we talked about:

  • 00:00 - 04:00 Introductions
  • 04:00 - 06:30 How I got started in blogging, podcasting and YouTube videos.
  • 06:30 - 08:30 Dave answers an audience question (asking about VMware snapshot-based backups with Veeam and vVols).
  • 08:30 - 15:00 Talking about the impact of COVID on IT with a focus on digital transformation, cloud experience, and HPE GreenLake.
  • 15:00 - 18:00 Innovation in storage platforms vs data protection. I mentioned a podcast I did with Rick Vanover looking at Veeam v10. Check it out here
  • 18:00 - 20:10 Discussion about data strategies and here's a podcast I did talking about the Intelligent Data Platform
  • 20:10 - 26:30 VIrtual conferences both at Veeam and HPE Discover. Here's a link to my blog article that points you to where you can watch all of the storage content WITHOUT registration. Go watch this great content!
  • 26:30 - 29:00 Wrap-up

Here's a link to watch the replay on LinkedIn

Technology Partner of the Year

During the video, I forgot to mention something. Doooh! At HPE Discover, Veeam was named the HPE Global Technology Partner of the Year 2020. A well deserved recognition! You can see who all the winners were in the announcement blog post

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