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The benefits of Veeam Availability Suite in HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged environments

There are lots of ways to configure and deploy hyperconverged solutions. In large part, it depends on the particular use case and workloads. People use HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for everything from data center consolidation to VDI to data protection in remote sites – and, if customer testimonials are any indication, IT organizations love it.

Sources: TechValidate customer data, and IDC efficiency whitepaper, 2018Sources: TechValidate customer data, and IDC efficiency whitepaper, 2018


That’s because HPE SimpliVity guarantees unique business outcomes that other HCI platforms don’t – like backup, restore, and clone of a 1 TB VM in under a minute. Or guaranteed 10:1 data efficiency, important since storage growth in the datacenter is outstripping storage budget. The award-winning HCI platform provides built-in data protection, too, so customers don’t need to purchase additional software. That’s all backed up by the HPE SimpliVity HyperGuarantee.

But while HPE SimpliVity is excellent on its own, specific hyperconverged environments can be improved by adding technology from a proven partner, like Veeam. I admit, I’m biased. I manage the HPE SimpliVity Technical Partner Ecosystem, which means that I am in the business of bringing elements of technology together for the benefit of customers.

Making data protection do more in HCI environments

So why am I talking about Veeam, if HPE SimpliVity has built-in data protection?  Because with Veeam, customers can extend their data availability and functionality in 5 specific ways.



1.  Protecting data in mixed technology environments

HPE SimpliVity provides enterprise class data protection inside the federation. But what about heterogeneous technology environments where HPE SimpliVity exists alongside other data storage platforms? Add the Veeam Availability Suite, and you can protect all the data in these mixed technology environments – including data stored on standalone storage devices.

2.  Extending data availability to the cloud

For IT organizations that want to extend their HPE SimpliVity data availability to the cloud, Veeam provides an easy, policy driven solution. Using the Veeam Availability Suite, customers can move VMs to the cloud and still enjoy the near instantaneous mobility features for in-federation VMs.

3.  Long term retention and archiving

Organizations looking to archive large amounts of data may want to move those VMs out of the HPE SimpliVity Federation to a suitable long term retention environment. Veeam Availability Suite provides the bridge to move VMs to tape or long term disk for archiving.SimpliVity-Veeam_solution-SDCG.jpg

4.  Application aware backup (beyond Microsoft SQL Server)

The HPE SimpliVity solution provides application-aware backup for Microsoft SQL Server. The Veeam Availability Suite extends app-aware backup to additional environments, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange. And with HPE SimpliVity data efficiency, those backup VMs take up a fraction of the space other hyperconverged platforms would require.

5.  Granular restore (beyond file level recovery) 

HPE SimpliVity can restore a 1 TB VM in under a minute – no other hyperconverged platform can. But there are times when you need a more granular restore for items inside the VM. While HPE SimpliVity has file level restore built in, what about restoring mailboxes and folders from an Exchange VM without booting it up?  What about SharePoint objects? Or data from an Oracle or SQL backup? The Veeam Availability Suite can extend the HPE SimpliVity granular restore to these and other popular applications.

Technology partnership that truly makes your job easier

If one of these use cases fits your environment, then the joint HPE plus Veeam solution extends the value of your hyperconverged solution. And the best part is that with each of these cases, HCI customers get the same unique HPE SimpliVity business outcomes, like near instantaneous backup, restore, and clone, and guaranteed 10:1 data efficiency to reduce storage requirements.  


Last year HPE elevated the Veeam relationship to a Strategic Alliance, meaning that the respective organizations see strong alignment in jointly solving customer data availability problems. Both companies believe in the importance of working together to bring unique and sustainable value to customers.

It’s all about listening to customers, and delivering innovative and trusted solutions to help you achieve your business objectives. For HPE SimpliVity and Veeam, these 5 use cases are a first step. Stay tuned for news about deeper integration between HPE SimpliVity and Veeam that will result in increasingly better customer experiences and valuable business outcomes. 

Read more about the benefits of deploying Veeam and HPE SimpliVity together in this overview: Veeam and HPE SimpliVity Together: Enterprise data availability for heterogeneous environments

If you want a technical deep dive into Veeam backup and replication, I recommend the Veeam Backup & Replication on HPE SimpliVity 380 white paper.




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HPE SimpliVity Technical Partner Ecosystem
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