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Reporting in from AIOps Expo 2019, where all eyes are on the future of AI. Catch up on insights and knowledge takeaways that can help fuel your AI plan, including what’s coming next for HPE InfoSight.

AIOps_HPE InfoSight_blog.jpgLast week, I attended the AIOps Expo, the leading conference and expo for integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into IT operations, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This event was part of the ITExpo SuperShow showcasing the breadth of future technology—from blockchain, to AIOps, to the future of work. In today’s converging landscape, it is imperative for businesses to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to continue to lead, innovate and stay ahead of the competition. The tools you choose and the technology you choose to use will foster innovation.

Observations from AIOps Expo

The AIOps Expo track of the SuperShow went deep into the field of how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help ensure application performance, network performance and security. The key takeaway from the sessions is that the future is here and technology is changing at a rate faster than businesses are able to implement the technology. The businesses that continue to innovate and scout for these new technologies will become the dominant leader. All companies must have an AI plan or they will be left behind. As your business shifts to a new AI mindset, we at HPE realize that as your businesses transforms, IT operations must also transform.

HPE presentation on the future path for InfoSight

During this conference, I presented about how HPE has evolved infrastructure management using Artificial Intelligence, a product that we call InfoSight. InfoSight uses AI-driven operations to manage and simplify infrastructure. InfoSight allows you to accelerate, innovate and create so that you can stay ahead of the competition by providing infrastructure that is always fast and always on. InfoSight works by leveraging its massive data lake, feeding this data into its machine learning models, and then makes specific recommendations to customers on how to improve performance, optimize resources and prevent issues. These recommendations are dependent on a human acting and implementing the solution, but we have a vision to make this autonomous and in the in the future, we will be able to eliminate the need for humans to manage mundane tasks.

You can view my AIOps presentation slides here to learn more about InfoSight and where it’s going in the future. Several attendees were curious to dive deeper into the infrastructure management offerings that HPE offers. HPE currently supports three unique products: HPE InfoSight, HPE OneView, and VMware VRealize Operations. These three products may seem similar on the cusp, but they have several features that are complementary to each other.I can say one thing for certain. if your business isn’t using InfoSight, you might be missing out. Gartner states that by this year, 25% of global enterprises will have implemented an AIOPS platform supporting two or more major IT operations functions.

To learn more about these offerings, head over to our Storage Tech Insiders blog for a detailed look at each product plus a side-by-side comparison.

More AIOps Expo keynote recaps

Google Cloud: Machine Learning and Team Communication presented by Diane Chaleff, G Suite Lead for Office of the CTO, Google Cloud. Google is obsessed with data and measurement. Did you know that only 5% of your workday is spent on ideation? Truly great, unique ideas are at the core of your business and machine learning helps to offload the other items of your day so that you can focus on those game-changing ideas.


Seen and heard at AIOps: Diane Chaleff talking about Google insights on machine learning and team communication

Uber: How Uber is Making IoT & Telecom a Competitive Advantage presented by Rahul Vijay, Head of Tech Sourcing. Did you know that Uber’s busiest day of the year is New Year’s Eve and Halloween? I guess people don’t want to drive in their costumes!Uber_AIOps.png











Seen and heard at AIOps: Vijay discussing how Uber keeps its networks up and running

As inventor and entrepreneur Danny Hillis said, “The greatest achievement of our technology may well be the creation of tools that allow us to go beyond engineering, that allow us to create more than we understand.”

We are creating the tools that will be the future of autonomous infrastructure, driving the industry forward to implement the latest and greatest technologies.

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As always, please follow our blogs for the latest updates on HPE InfoSight plus more insights on how HPE continues to pave the way for autonomous infrastructure. Discussions will continue here on Around the Storage Block and also on Servers: The Right Compute.


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I am Marketing Manager for HPE InfoSight. Before that, I led the marketing for the deep learning startup, Nervana Systems, up until its acquisition by Intel in 2016.