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The world's most intelligent storage

HPE delivers the world’s most intelligent storage. That’s a bold statement but we back it up in my latest ChalkTalk.

The worlds most intelligent storage.jpgAt Discover in Las Vegas, Milan Shetti the SVP and GM of HPE Storage revealed our vision of intelligent storage. It is built on having storage that is predictive, built for cloud, and timeless. I think my ChalkTalks are the best format for explaining something like this and I have one for you today. After watching this, you'll have a better understanding of intelligent storage and why we believe it's important. 

Before I share the ChalkTalk, let me summarize intelligent storage leveraging what I said in the ChalkTalk. Let's face it, infrastructure is complex. You have so many choices to make which adds to the complexity. We have come to an era that requires storage be intelligent. And that is what we are doing at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Let’s unpack that starting with why intelligent storage?  Ask yourself these questions. What if your storage could:

  • Help extract actionable insights by anticipating challenges
  • Learn and adapt and self-adjust in real time
  • Move data from edge to core to cloud
  • Secure and protect your data, aligning costs with your usage to free cash for your business
  • Be future proof for next-gen technologies
  • Provide an experience that gets even better over time

HPE delivers the world's most intelligent storage

We can back up that bold sattement with what we’re doing in storage, focusing on the three pillars we've talked about before:

  • Predictive–geting smarter every second
  • Built for cloudwith seamless data mobility
  • Timelessan experience that keeps getting better

That's a brief introduction to what I talk about in the ChalkTalk. Check it out!

Here are a few other things that will be helpful to understanding intelligent storage:

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