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Re: Everything Storage at Discover Virtual Experience – and you can get it all for free!


The first week of HPE Discover Virtual Experience (DVE) is just wrapping up but DVE isn't done by a long shot! There are going to be 4 more weeks of Discover with new sessions each week. The week that will focus on HPE Storage is July 6 with the new storage sessions going live on July 8. Among the sessions that we will have is a live storage spotlight session with Tom Black, SVP and GM of HPE Storage.

Read on to get the details of what is coming. 

New storage sessions coming starting July 8th

Discover Live Experience is a multi-week event and starting July 6th, there will be more Storage sessions that will pushed DVE eAgenda.PNGout for your Storage enlightenment! That will include a live Storage Spotlight session with our new SVP and GM of HPE Storage, Tom Black. Here's more on it: HPE Storage Strategy and Vision – Using Data To Power Transformation, July 8th at 8 AM PDT, Session LB513 (90 minutes). Join Tom along with key customers and senior storage business leaders, as they discuss how you can leverage data to transform your enterprise. 

But wait, that's not all of the storage content that will be available that week. I'm going to cover everything in this article but there's also a nice InfoGraphic that you can download to have all the details so check that out. Here's the rest of the storage content you can access starting on July 8.

On Demand Sessions – available July 8

  • B629: Unlock the value of your data with an Intelligent Data Platform
  • B274: The Next Evolution of Hyperconverged: HPE Nimble Storage dHCI
  • B277: Turn unstructured data into insights using modern data-centric solutions
  • B281: Get the most out of your mission-critical applications with HPE Storage
  • T282: Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Workloads with Persistent Storage for Kubernetes
  • T297: Top 5 ways to optimize your Vmware environment with Storage
  • B630: Unlock the potential of Hybrid Cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes

On Demand Demos – available July 8

  • D137: Discover how HPE Nimble Storage dHCI can redefine your HCI experience

Hack Shack Workshops - Starting July 8

Since these are new to some, I wanted to give a brief description of the Hack Shack Workshops: The HPE Hack Shack provides a unique experience where you can learn how to accelerate innovation with hands-on Technology Workshops and informational how-to Sessions. The Hack Shack welcomes all levels from aspiring newbies to veteran coders.

Here are the sessions you can find starting July 8. - Note you need to register for these before they are full, and these are live sessions, not on-demand:

  • W652: Using the CSI with HPE Ezmeral Container Platform
  • W653: Simple Automation Script With HPE SimpliVity REST API

Hands-on-Labs with various dates week of July 6 and/or July 13

We ran these during the first week of Discover but you can catch these live, facilatiator lead HOLs again. Some are only the week of July 6 and a few are also available the week of July 13 but you have to sign up now!

  • L464: Be Ready: Gear Up for a Greenfield Install Using HPE Nimble Storage Array dHCI 
  • L467: HPE SimpliVity Advanced Features
  • L468: Have a Minute? Failover Your Secondary Site With HPE SimpliVity With RapidDR
  • L463:  Implementing HPE Primera With Windows
  • L466: Managing an HPE SimpliVity Environment
  • L465: New to HPE InfoSight for HPE's Nimble Storage, Primera and 3PAR storage?

Links to get you right into storage

There is a lot of storage content that was released on June 23. I want to remind you how to find and take advantage of it. FIrst here's how to get to it in the Content Catalog:

So here are the details of what you can still watch now while we wait for the Storage Spotlight and other sessions coming on July 8. 

Storage sessions not to miss 

  • Session F440: Data protection as a Service, Delivered
  • Session B355: How Intelligence Changes Everything with HPE InfoSight​
  • Session F272: HPE Nimble Storage Ten Years of Making Heroes
  • Session F273: It’s happened: HPE Primera redefines mission-critical Storage​
  • Session F275: Intelligent HCI for Every Workload.  It’s the new Standard.

On-demand demos 

There are six demos for storage and here's a link that will show you the storage demos. The demos include:

  • D138: Experience How HPE SimpliVity HCI Can Simplify and Transform Edge-to-Cloud
  • D140: HPE Cloud Volumes: Cloud-Based Agile Data Protection Delivered aaS
  • D135: HPE Nimble Storage: Effortless Intelligent Storage for Hybrid Cloud
  • D136: Learn how HPE Primera Redefines Mission Critical
  • D139: Securing Containers with HPE Containers Platform
  • D134: Transform Operations With AI-Driven HPE InfoSight and Intelligent Storage

Beyond Storage (Does anything really exist beyond Storage?)

If you're interested in topics beyond Storage, you can explore the full line-up of sessions in our content catalog and build your own agenda.  Along with new storage content coming on July 8, we have new sessions coming around important topics over then next 4 weeks:

  • June 30: Small/Midsized Business (SMB)
  • July 8: HPE Storage
  • July 15: HPE GreenLake
  • July 29: HPE Ezmeral (HPE Software)

Did I remember to tell you that registration for HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020 is FREE? – And by the way, with your registration, HPE will donate $10 to your choice of one of 10 featured causes, so join us and give back to organizations helping people, businesses and communities around the world recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about these organizations and the great work they are doing to support COVID-19 recovery around the world. (Terms and conditions apply.)

We look forward to seeing you virtually at HPE Discover 2020!

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Thanks a lot, Calvin, great recommendations! Checked and scheduled. 


PS: Time to change your avatar, maybe a Primera emerging from the chest? XD

@mauro - LOL, your right about my avatar. Funny story - that was actually a friend who took an image from an EMC blogger, pasted my head on the body and it had an EMC array coming out. I thought it was great but changed it to a 3PAR and have used it ever since but it is getting a little old. I'll use a "Storage Godfather" image next. 

And by the way, stay tuned as we'll have more information about all the storage content that will go live the week of July 6 which includes our live storage spotlight session.