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This way to peace of mind for your HP-UX server data


Ian.jpegBy Ian Blatchford, Product Manager, HP StoreOnce   @LottaBytes


Protect your HP-UX server data with HP StoreOnce Catalyst using Symantec NetBackup

When you run applications on HP-UX, you are using a high-performance, dynamic, secure and resilient platform. Adding data protection managed by Symantec NetBackup and using HP StoreOnce Backup systems provides peace of mind that your data can be recovered from hardware and software failures or human errors.


This BURA Sunday, I’d like to share and summarize this new StoreOnce technical white paper: Protecting HP-UX server data with HP StoreOnce Catalyst over Fibre Channel Using Symantec NetBackup.


Why choose to protect your HP-UX environment with Symantec NetBackup and HP StoreOnce

When you deploy HP StoreOnce Catalyst as the interface, you get the highest backup and restore performance. The white paper describes the best practices and performance guidelines based on the results of testing. The testing was carried out in a Fibre Channel storage environment.


peace of mind ATSB phutterstock_291373178_21August_sized.jpgHere’s the fundamental learning: Selecting StoreOnce as your data protection storage can increase your storage utilization compared to any traditional backup storage devices. What is less obvious but equally useful is that backup to StoreOnce will increase the availability of the HP-UX server resources compared to traditional backup storage devices.


The programmatic link between NetBackup and StoreOnce that enables NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Policies to manage backup data replication between StoreOnce Systems makes copying backup data offsite for disaster recovery straightforward and reliable.


HP StoreOnce Catalyst is an object-based storage target on an HP StoreOnce system that enables NetBackup to optimize data protection management through integrating appliance control into NetBackup. As a NetBackup user, you are familiar with Symantec OST. HP provides a StoreOnce OST Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup to enable the OST features on StoreOnce systems. This gives the NetBackup user control over StoreOnce from the NetBackup interfaces. For more on the topic, check out the blog by my colleague Anirudh on HP StoreOnce capabilities with Symantec OST.


One useful configuration option via NetBackup is server-side deduplication “on/off.” By configuring “on” the backup data will be written to the Catalyst store in deduplication-optimized low bandwidth mode. By configuring “off” the full backup stream will be written in high bandwidth mode to the StoreOnce System that are deduplicated and compressed to minimize space usage. Media server resources, network bandwidth and other parameters determine the choice of “off” or “on.” See the white paper for result details for backup speed for low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth backups.


The impact of other configuration options on backup performance—such as backup block sizes, data change rate between backups, backup mode and backup data retention time—are quantified in the white paper.


Key recommendations and advantages for using HP StoreOnce appliances and Symantec NetBackup to protect HP-UX server data

  • Increase storage utilization: With deduplication enabled, the StoreOnce system can store more backup data on less storage as compared to traditional backup storage devices.
  • Increase availability of server resources: A weekly full and daily incremental backup schedule uses less server and HP StoreOnce compute and bandwidth resources during backup than a daily full backup schedule. It reduces the amount of end-to-end data and decreases the time required to run daily backups. StoreOnce system federated deduplication further reduces the end-to-end data size.
  • Improve efficiency and cost effective movement of backup data offsite: By utilizing Storage Lifecycle Policies in Symantec NetBackup, it is very easy to replicate backup data to an HP StoreOnce system offsite to seamlessly replicate all servers to an appliance in a remote facility for simpler recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • Improve backup speeds: Backing up multiple targets simultaneously to HP StoreOnce systems can significantly improve backup speed.

symantec cleanJ.jpg 

HP StoreOnce Systems offer high performance and reliability, while addressing data growth through HP StoreOnce federated deduplication technology. In addition, Symantec NetBackup data protection solution brings together a full generation of traditional and next generation data protection from backup, to disk, to replication management and to tape under one platform.


The key takeaway for today: HP StoreOnce systems integrate easily with Symantec NetBackup to protect important data for mission-critical applications.


Learn more

HP StoreOnce

HP OST Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup


Get free storage for your backup data! At no cost, download and deploy the latest 1TB StoreOnce VSA to use or evaluate high-efficiency StoreOnce systems:

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