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Time for a new maturity model for small and midsize businesses


By Britt Terry, product marketing and resident HP Storage expert for small and midsize business


Britt_photo.jpgI want to introduce a “maturity model” concept that we’ll be using to help you address the specific challenges you are facing and the one just over the horizon.  Through a set of solution-based maturity models, we’ll help you address not only today’s challenges but also to foresee the next wave of issues before they even hit.  Sounds a bit like a crystal ball but it’s not. 


When we talk about IT maturity, it is not necessarily the type of maturity you think of in terms of people or fine wine.  With our IT infrastructure or any of the core technologies that bring that infrastructure to life, we are really looking at the spectrum of technology adoption, development, implementation and refinement.


Your needs as an IT manager for a small or midsize business are undergoing many of the same technology swings and unpredictable workload pressures that enterprise IT managers deal with.  It’s just a factor of scale.  I’ll bet every one of you deals with:


  • More demanding business users – your internal IT customers
  • Increasingly complex infrastructure
  • Pressures to increase IT service while also reducing costs


How much time each day do you get to focus on your storage infrastructure?  Planning ahead?  If you are like most, not much.  We are going to use the concept of a maturity model to help you out.


Why the old “what’s your revenue & headcount?” maturity model no longer works.

For a long time, we’ve seen vendors, ourselves included, fixate on metrics that don’t really make sense in

SMBicon.jpg modern IT environments.  Your revenue or your employee count does not really tell us much about what challenges you’re facing nor do they help us understand how we might be able to help.  I’ve seen companies with 10 employees operating at an IT maturity that is as advanced as any enterprise company on the planet.  The tools available to a startup on day one are dramatically different today than they were just a decade ago. 


We’ve taken decades of experience and field-tested solution “know-how” and distilled it into a number of core solution-based maturity models centering on the most common SMB solution areas that we see in the IT world today.  These new maturity models help you navigate to a solution that meets your current needs—and allows you to take a look ahead at the potential challenges that are coming.  


Where are you in solution areas now and where do you want to be next? 

Jump in the conversation. And stay tuned for more details on where we’re heading with these maturity models.  HP wants to be there with you as you progress.  We have an incredible SMB portfolio to make it all happen.  What we want to do is to work with you to identify your stage in the maturity model and apply the right technologies at the right time.  We’ve done the work to make it simple, you get the benefits. 


Learn more about how to Simply StoreIT with Small and Midsize Business Solutions from HP.



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