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Top 9 Ways StoreVirtual Beats "Me-Too" VSAs



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It's the 9th anniversary of StoreVirtual VSA software. In honor of the occasion, we've come up with the top 9 reasons this tried and true software-defined technology is better than…oh, anyone else.

1. HPE Storage is #1 for oh-so-many reasons. The numbers don’t lie. Get the straight up truth from Calvin Zito in this recent blog post.

2. StoreVirtual 2-Node Quorum. What's not to love about a low-cost, scalable, highly available solution that starts with only 2 storage nodes? 2node_quorum Blog.jpg

3. Three sites connected by a stretch cluster. If you're building a robust storage infrastructure for business continuity, you don’t have to limit your solution to two sites. The StoreVirtual Multi-Site stretch cluster feature lets you extend the storage cluster (whether you have physical arrays, SDS or hyperconverged systems) to up to three sites. It’s proven to be a great relief to IT organizations searching for high availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

4. Four ways your data is protected by StoreVirtual architecture:

  • Network RAID
  • Remote Copy (Asynchronous replication)
  • Multi-site stretch clusters
  • StoreVirtual application-aware snapshots (Try out high speed snaps for no cost – download the free 1TB StoreVirtual VSA and Veeam’s free trial backup software, and you can try our integrated snapshots with granular recovery.)

5. Five 9's high availability. Nuff said. If you’re interested in just how we get there, take a look at this video on Network RAID.

6. Six deployment models … and we’re just getting started:

  • StoreVirtual VSA software
  • StoreVirtual 4000 arrays
  • HPE Hyper Converged 250
  • HPE Hyper Converged 380
  • HPE Synergy
  • HPE Helion cloud solutions

7. Seven ways to efficiently store your data:

  • Automated sub-volume tiering (Adaptive Optimization)
  • Unconditional thin provisioning
  • Space reclamation
  • Multi-pathing for optimized flash performance
  • Smart Clones
  • Remote Copy
  • Split networks

8. You can deploy StoreVirtual technology eight ways to Sunday. Some examples off the top of my head: On virtualized servers in financial institutions running VMware, Microsoft or Linux, in science laboratories in the Antarctic, in retail branch offices replicating back to HPE Hyper Converged systems at the data center, onboard ships at sea, on standalone servers in Dev/Ops environments, integrated with HPE BladeSystem or physical storage arrays, in a train, on a plane, in a car, in a bar... Use your imagination. We’ve created a series of blueprints to help you.

9. StoreVirtual VSA's 9-year proven track record.

HPE StoreVirtual software-defined storage technology has been around for nearly a decade, deployed by tens of thousands of customers around the world. Why on earth would you trust your production data to a new vendor’s less mature, less tested software-defined solution? 

Just my 2 cents. Or should I say 9 cents?  Happy 9th Birthday, StoreVirtual!

Try StoreVirtual storage for free for three years at: 

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Meet Around the StorageWorks blogger Janet Runberg, Enablement Manager, HPE Software-Defined Storage.

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