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Transform your backup and recovery with HP Adaptive Backup and Recovery Solutions


Ashwin2.jpgBy Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


The challenges posed by the massive growth of data are real and that’s why many organizations like yours are struggling with this. Data is everywhere and it is not confined to the physical boundaries of the data center. It’s in the cloud, virtual environments, and even on mobile devices. And most of it is business critical.


This week’s BURA Sunday question: When data sets grow in an exponential rate, in formats that are unique and complex, can your organization depend on traditional backup and recovery systems to meet changing data requirements?


To address this issue, you ideally should adopt a solution that enables decision-making driven by integrating predictive analysis of future capacity requirements and an adaptive approach to backup and recovery. We can help with HP StoreOnce Backup and HP Data Protector providing an intelligent data protection solution designed for today’s high-stakes backup and recovery environment.


Unified Data Protection: Adaptive Backup and Recovery

Our unified data protection solution (StoreOnce Backup + Data Protector) provides you with an adaptive, progressive data protection approach that delivers transparency, predictability and business resiliency. This ensures less time and money are spent on data backup and data restores, allowing you to focus more on revenue generating activities. Our solution offers:

  • Faster data backup – HP StoreOnce backup solution is designed with a modular approach for flexibility, and can be deployed as a pure software store running on any hardware, or a dedicated backup appliance. Federated deduplication uses many advanced algorithms to deliver backup performance (up to 139TB/hr) plus efficiency that helps you to cut down storage costs up to 95%. (See our Get Protected Guarantee.) Data Protector supports Federated Catalyst and Catalyst over FC, enabling easy and efficient backup and recovery of mission critical data.
  • Greater analytical insights and adaptive intelligence – Our solution delivers analytical insights through a highly interactive and intuitive dashboard that enables IT to optimally utilize the existing backup resources, make informed decisions related to capacity requirements and proactively address current and potential issues in the backup environment.
  • System-wide deduplication – The HP StoreOnce backup solution allows you to create a single deduplication algorithm across the entire appliance simplifying backup administration and improving storage efficiencies. When Data Protector is deployed with Federated Catalyst, you can scale your backup environments non-disruptively and gain the benefit of additional capacity as you grow.
  • Simplified data protection – HP simplifies data protection management by providing a single, centralized and intuitive dashboard for orchestrating backup, recovery and replication. This reduces cost and complexities associated with managing a large-scale enterprise and branch office environments.
  • Data protection at remote sites – HP StoreOnce backup solution can be deployed at multiple locations within your enterprise. Deduplication can happen at the application source, on the backup server, virtual appliance or on the target appliance. Once data is deduplicated, it can be easily moved around the enterprise without having to be rehydrated and requires less bandwidth than traditional solutions. This makes it an ideal solution for quick and cost-effective data backup in remote and branch offices. You can also remotely monitor, deploy and operate Data Protector backup agents from a centralized location, reducing the need of trained IT staff while bringing down operational expenditure. Our solution allows you the flexibility to backup data locally, regionally or at the data center, according to your business requirements.
  • “Always on” backup – HP StoreOnce backup solution delivers end-to-end business resiliency while reducing administrative burden to protect data in an enterprise environment. With Data Protector’s Cloud Copy, organizations can easily gain access to HP Helion cloud based storage. This allows you to copy on-premise backup data from within a StoreOnce library directly to a highly secure and massively scalable cloud for long-term data retention
  • Faster recovery – The HP StoreOnce backup solution offers industry-leading restore speeds of up to 75 TB/hr. Our architecture is designed not just for backup performance but, more importantly, to restore performance. When you lose data due to a system failure, you want to be able to recover data or restore that system as quickly as possible. This combined with Data Protector’s SmartCache, a rapid recovery feature for VM backup/recovery, means you can save time, preserve storage resources and improve agility by making single item VM recovery from a StoreOnce library simple and more efficient. You can now define tiered multi-site disaster recovery plans that are both cost effective and bandwidth efficient. Restores can be managed from any site using a centralized console simplifying administration and lowering costs
  • Meeting regulatory compliance – Protecting sensitive data from hackers or unauthorized users is a big challenge for any organization. HP StoreOnce backup solution implements industry standard AES-256 encryption for data at rest as well as Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) based data-in-flight encryption. The backup data stored on HP StoreOnce meets FIPS 140 -2 level 1 compliant standards helping you to keep data safe while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. HP StoreOnce also implements Secure Erase functionality that provides protection against recovery or reconstruction of deleted information. This secure data shredding meets the stringent National Information Security and Technology Special Publication NIST SP 880–88 standard so that you can securely erase your confidential data.



Changing business models means new challenges and a greater need for data protection and business continuity. HP StoreOnce backup and HP Data Protector can help you maximize IT staff resources, control licensing costs and satisfy compliance requirements to drive greater efficiencies without compromise. In short, we are making it more affordable and simpler for you to protect and retain data for longer periods with our Adaptive Backup and Recovery Solution


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